idexo Secures $2.5M in Funding to Build Cross-Chain NFT and Gaming API

idexo Secures $2.5M in Funding to Build Cross-Chain NFT and Gaming API

idexo, an NFT-centric product that is focused on building no-code digital collectibles management systems, completes its strategic funding round.

$2.5 million raised by idexo to bring NFTs to cross-chain

According to a press release shared with U.Today, the idexo team has completed its strategic funding round. The net sum of $2.5 million has been raised from a clutch of high-profile VCs.

idexo addresses the development of a cross-chain NFT API (Application Programming Interface). With this instrument, all products will be able to mint digital collectibles and use them in business processes.

With a few lines of code, NFTs can be integrated into an on-chain game or DeFi protocol. Developers and users will interact with simple API keys instead of blockchain wallets.

The idexo team stresses the importance of this round for both his product and the enire segment of non-fungible tokens:

We are grateful for the confidence our many visionary investors have shown in idexo. We have been able to leverage their myriad talents as well as investment to gain insights, introductions and advice that continue to help us execute at a lightning pace in growing our community through NFTs, building out our roadmap and now signing up new CDK customer partners.

New opportunities for NFTs and decentralized gaming

Arweave, Avalanche, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon blockchains will be supported in the inaugural releases of the idexo ecosystem.

Outlier Ventures, Floem Capital, InSquare Ventures, BlackDragon, Heat Capital, Panony, Aspectures Ventures, DAO Capital, CSP DAO, Defiants, C2G Ventures, Crypto Avengers, Moonwhale Ventures and Titan Ventures took part in the aforementioned funding of the idexo product.

Jamie Burke from Outlier Ventures emphasizes that investors are excited by the vision and technology design of the idexo team, as well as by its passionate community:

The idexo team understands that for the mainstream appeal of Web 3 tech to become a reality, it needs to offer an easy way to abstract away the intricacies of individual blockchain protocols and render them invisible.