ASMR Meets NFT: xtingles Release Its First Audio Token

ASMR Meets NFT: xtingles Release Its First Audio Token

xtingles, the mobile-first platform developed for storing audio-visual ASMR art with the usage of NFT technology, announced its first ASMR NFT drop, called "Free Like a Butterfly." The piece of art will be dropped on Sept. 16. On the same day, the dedicated xtingles NFT marketplace will be launched.

According to the CVO of the xtingles, the to-be-released art is about freeing yourself. It includes unique qualities of ASMR art and helps people to find their true selves. Pre-launch listeners highly enjoyed their first experience with the NFT and described it as motivational, yet calming. It will be the first release from xtingles' marketplace.

The mint price of the "Free Like a Butterfly" NFT would be available for minting 29 FUSD, which is a stable coin that is being utilized by Flow Blockchain. It is also available through any credit and debit card for purchase. The drop of an NFT will be available from Sept. 16 at 11:00 a.m. EST. Minting will no longer be available after Sept. 21 at 11:00 a.m. EST.

The five-day period was chosen to create enough opportunities for users that do not yet own FUSD. In order to acquire the stablecoin, users will have to go through mandatory KYC with Moonpay and verify themselves before using the platform.

While most NFTs on various networks include a lot of FOMO and expensive gas fees, xtingles rethinks the method of trading non-fungible tokens and creates a unique experience for its users, giving them the opportunity to participate in ASMR NFT drops without having to go through the painful processes presented on other networks.