The Recent WagyuSwap 86x Price Surge May Just Be the Beginning

The Recent WagyuSwap 86x Price Surge May Just Be the Beginning

Cryptocurrency asset prices can fluctuate wildly, yet few are as spectacular as Wagyuswap’s price surge this week. Its value has skyrocketed by 86x in the first few days since the launch. That may be a sign of what is yet to come for this potential DeFi unicorn.

What Is WagyuSwap?

The initial launch of WagyuSwap is much anticipated by DeFi enthusiasts and users who invested in the project’s Initial DEX Offering. As that IDo sold out very quickly, it quickly became apparent there was an overwhelming interest in what this new decentralized exchange aims to provide. More importantly, WagyuSwap is the first DEX on the Velas blockchain, which benefits from speedy transactions – up to 75,000 TPS – at nearly no cost. As a result, it is a far more efficient solution than Uniswap, PancakeSwap, JustSwap, or any other solution on the market today.

Contrary to what may seem accurate, WagyuSwap is not just a decentralized exchange built on a blockchain serving as a Solana fork with full EVM compatibility. It is also a technically superior platform that elts suers bridge tokens across multiple ecosystems at unprecedented speeds and for a fractional cost. The first-mover advantage of the WagyuSwap team creates a competitive edge that other market participants will struggle to catch up to.

Additionally, users can benefit from very high staking and farming yields, making the DeFi industry a lot more appealing in the process. Earning a passive income stream with crypto assets has never been easier than through WagyuSwap, as the project provides rates much higher than any competitor. Other features to explore include random lotteries with crazy prices, introducing another incentive for users to keep providing liquidity and perform cross-chain swaps through this platform.

$WAG Price Explodes For The First Time

By packing all of this technology and these features into one appealing package, it is not entirely surprising to see WagyuSwap’s $WAG skyrocket shortly after launch. The 86x price increase has provided a tremendous return on investment for all IDO participants who acquired the token at $0.01.

Moreover, that 86x may be a glimmer of what the future may hold for this innovative project. An overwhelming IDO sellout isn’t new in the cryptocurrency space, but there has never been a DEX like WagyuSwap either. With this project, the industry is in price discovery and uncharted territory, and the sky’s the limit for $WAG.

Broader $WAG Exposure

Now that WagyuSwap’s $WAG is added to CoinGecko and CoinMarketcap, more traders will become acquainted with this next potential moonshot. Discovering new tokens is a crucial aspect for any trader or speculator. As $WAG is still a very new token, it has tremendous price potential for the future, especially when more projects begin providing liquidity through this platform and make it more well-known among cryptocurrency communities.

Speaking of broader recognition for WagyuSwap and $WAG, partnerships with other projects are the way to go and will generate even more hype for this project. The recent Brokoli partnership is just one strategic example of how much hype this project can generate. In addition, the shared mission of offsetting the carbon footprint of decentralized finance is an important topic that many people overlook in search of [quick] profits.

WagyuSwap is a different creature, as the team and its community wants to make a positive impact. All DEX users can trade crypto on this platform and have a positive climate impact while doing so, funding tree planting, renewable energy projects, and e-waste recycling. Brokoli has an all-in-one climate toolkit software solution that will be integrated into WagyuSwap at no extra cost to help users offset carbon footprints.


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