Google Inks Partnership with NFT Powerhouse Dapper Labs

Google Inks Partnership with NFT Powerhouse Dapper Labs

Canadian blockchain company Dapper Labs, which is mainly known for its NBA Top Shot card trading system, has scored a major partnership with internet search behemoth Google, Forbes reports.Dapper Labs will leverage the suit of the tech giant’s cloud computing services for scaling its Flow blockchain.

Billions of potential users

Janet Kennedy, the vice president of North America’s Google Cloud division, says that that the blockchain technology is in the middle of its iPhone moment:

There's tons of opportunity to build everything from the Flappy Bird to the Angry Bird of Flow and just blockchain in general.

NBA Top Shot collectibles, which can be purchased as non-fungible tokens, ended up being an immense success, helping to push NFTs into the mainstream.In April, Dapper Labs reached a valuation of over $7.5 billion after wrapping up a $305 million funding round. Its impressive list of backers includes prominent venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.The Canadian firm believes that the Google tie-up will help its killer apps potentially reach billions of users.


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