Ergo’s Hunt Continues — ERGOHACK II

Ergo’s Hunt Continues — ERGOHACK II

If you are a developer or know anyone who codes, the Ergo team is currently looking for talented coders to join its second ERGOHACK! The application deadline for the ERGOHACK II is September 15, 2021 and applications can be submitted via

After the great success of the initial ErgoHack in June 2021, ERGOHACK II will take place from October 8-10. This hackathon will focus on the theme of social transformation as it relates to the mass adoption of blockchain.

Proof-of-Work (PoW) Blockchain Ergo

Ergo is a Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain and it deploys decentralized applications (DApps) through a powerful and protocol-friendly native scripting language, ErgoScript. Just like Bitcoin, Ergo has digital scarcity and the total supply of ERG (approximately 97 million) will complete its emission schedule eight years after its mainnet launch.

Ergo, as a unique smart contract platform, enables more innovative and targeted economic implementations that the conventional banking sector cannot achieve. How? By offering powerful tools with smart contract-powered microcredit facilities. These include a Local Exchange Trading System (LETS), a mutual credit association in which individual members can trade in a local currency. All loans taken within LETS are recorded in a distributed ledger to ensure transparency and accountability.

In a nutshell, Ergo builds upon advanced cryptographic features and radically new DeFi functionality to enable smart money for ordinary people. Its safe and simple financial contracts pave the way for reliable alternative financial systems and products.

More info about the ERGOHACK II

At ERGOHACK II, developers (in teams of 2-5 people) will work on proposals as they relate to the theme of social transformation. At the heart of Ergo’s manifesto is a desire to build a financial platform that empowers the average citizen to have more control over their money while ensuring the utmost security in protecting an individual’s right to privacy. Projects that are developed during ERGOHACK II may have the opportunity to be further developed and implemented within the Ergo ecosystem.

For the duration of ERGOHACK II, competitors will be able to participate in additional activities such as workshops, networking etc. What is more, active participants may get the opportunity to join the Ergo core team.

Prizes totalling around 9,000 dollars worth of SigUSD will also be given away to the lucky developers. Do not miss this second edition of the hackathon and feel free to check out the official ERGOHACK II website now ( to reserve your place in the competition.


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