Charles Hoskinson Wins $50,000 on Alonzo Bet, Urges Polymarket to Donate Win to Kids Cancer Charity

Charles Hoskinson Wins $50,000 on Alonzo Bet, Urges Polymarket to Donate Win to Kids Cancer Charity

On Sunday, September 12 the long-anticipated Alonzo hard fork was launched on Cardano and enabled the smart-contract feature on this Proof-of-Stake blockchain.

CEO of Input Output Global and founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson has announced that he has won a $50,000 bet from the team of Polymarket, a prediction market platform. The latter bet that Cardano would not release the smart contracts feature before October 1. Now, Hoskinson has picked a charity where Polymarket should donate the money.

So since @PolymarketHQ lost, they have to donate $50,000 to the charity of my choice. I thought about it and found a small one with a really good heart— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) September 13, 2021

Cardano-won cash to head to a kids cancer charity

Hoskinson has taken to Twitter to remind the Polymarket team that now they have to donate $50,000 to a charity he picks after the that the smart contract feature has gone live.

Hoskinson’s choice fell on a “small one with a really good heart” charity project Magic Yarn. The website says that it is for a project that helps children suffering from cancer and is based in Palmer, Alaska. The project makes wigs for kids who lose hair due to chemotherapy.

The bet was offered by Polymarket on July 15. The company also offered to bet on or against Cardano launching smart contracts before October 1 on its prediction market platform.

You know what's really funny, Charles? @Cardano still not having smart contractsWe'll bet you $50,000 on Polymarket that you won't have live smart contracts for Cardano $ADA by Oct 1stTime to put your money where your mouth is, Charles. Winnings go to charity of choice— Polymarket (@PolymarketHQ) July 15, 2021

ADA plunges 13 percent despite Alonzo launch

Earlier today, the native currency of Cardano, third-ranked ADA, demonstrated a drop by 13 percent from the $2.6 level instead of an expected substantial rise.

The coin is changing hands at $2.34 at the time of writing.