Coinbase DeFi Design To Be Curated by Ex-Facebook Shalin Pei

Coinbase DeFi Design To Be Curated by Ex-Facebook Shalin Pei

Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN), a flagship American cryptocurrency ecosystem, yet again reaffirms its focus on expanding into the red-hot DeFi segment.

Shalin Pei joins Coinbase DeFi team

According to the announcement shared by Ms. Pei on her Twitter account, she is leaving Facebook to join the Coinbase team. In particular, she will work on decentralized finance services provided by Coinbase.

I recently left FB, and next week will be joining @coinbase to work on our DeFi products. I'm excited for what the future of crypto holds and we are hiring!— Shalin Pei (@shalinpei) September 10, 2021

Ms. Pei states that she is excited about her new appointment and added that Coinbase's DeFi team continues its hiring campaign.

Prior to joining Coinbase, Shalin Pei worked at Facebook as product design manager responsible for the FB Social News and FB Local News workloads.

As per information shared on her website, Ms. Pei has been a speaker at the Interaction and UX London conferences and is a seasoned diversity and inclusion advocate.

Coinbase increases its bet on DeFi step by step

In recent months, Coinbase has been aggressively expanding into the turbulent segment of decentralized finances (DeFi). As covered by U.Today previously, it integrated one of the fastest-growing DeFi networks, Polygon (formerly Matic), to its wallet.

Also, Coinbase is seeking an engineer responsible for integration with mainstream Ethereum (ETH) scaling solutions Arbitrum, Optimism and Starkware.

Following the dramatic drop of cryptocurrency prices and the SEC notice, Coinbase's COIN lost 11.4% on NASDAQ in the past seven days; at press time, its price is estimated at $248.