Popular YouTuber MrBeast Reveals Significant Crypto Holdings, Here’s What He Has

Popular YouTuber MrBeast Reveals Significant Crypto Holdings, Here’s What He Has

Popular YouTuber MrBeast has said he holds most of his crypto bag in Bitcoin. Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast, is famous on YouTube for pulling very expensive stunts. Stunts like giving people $1 million to spend in one minute are not out of the norm for the YouTuber. MrBeast boasts a huge following of over 60 million subscribers. With his videos getting billions of views.

Also a businessman and philanthropist, the YouTuber has invested in crypto. According to his recent reveal, it turns out that the businessman actually has significant holdings in bitcoin. The 23-year-old has invested in a variety of products across the crypto space. Besides bitcoin, MrBeast has also invested in NFTs. The YouTube star revealed that he had bought the famous CryptoPunks NFTs. Which he had then sold and put the proceeds into Gray Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends.

Talking to fellow YouTuber Logan Paul, MrBeast revealed that he had made 20-30x from the sale of the CryptoPunks. During the interview on Paul’s podcast Impaulsive, MrBeast said he had first gotten into the project when Vaynerchuk had first mentioned it to him during a call back in February. Paul confirmed he had also invested in the project, which he had been vocal about on his Twitter. Alongside their other friends who were present on the call with Vaynerchuk.

Bitcoin And Other Crypto Investments

MrBeast has been prominent in the crypto space like a lot of other famous YouTubers have been. Although reluctant to talk about the value of his investments, MrBeast confirmed that he had put $1.5 million into bitcoin. Paul made mention of this referencing a phone that he had with MrBeast where he told Paul he had made this investment. With MrBeast confirming this.

MrBeast also revealed during the interview that he had invested in 8 CryptoPunks NFTs earlier in the year, which he no longer holds. A number which he had not wanted to reveal, before doubling back and giving the exact figure. The YouTuber although did not move in his resolve to not disclose how much they were sold for.

Being a vocal voice in the crypto space has also landed the famous YouTuber some notable partnerships and investments. Earlier in May, MrBeast had invested in XCAD, a marketplace that enabled one-click creation of NFTs. These were meant to be used by content creators to monetize their content.

MrBeast also partnered with Coinbase. A partnership that saw users who used his code get $10 in bitcoin on the exchange. But most prominent has been the YouTube star’s involvement with Refinable. A subsequent crash in the price of the project led followers to accuse the YouTuber of pushing a pump-and-dump scheme on them. Leading them to lose their money in the process. MrBeast has so far not commented on any of these accusations.