Solana Surpasses XRP Amid Unstoppable Rally

Solana Surpasses XRP Amid Unstoppable Rally

Solana (SOL), the native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain, has surpassed Ripple-affiliated XRP by market capitalization, according to data provided by coin ranking site CoinMarketCap.The high-flying coin is currently valued at $53 billion after a stunning rally after climbing to sixth place.

SOL is now up an astonishing 8,429% year-to-date. Despite the recent market sell-off, the cryptocurrency is up another 6% today.

XRP, on the other hand, is one of the very few major cryptocurrencies that failed to log a new all-time high during this bull run.

With a sword of Damocles hanging over it, XRP is still down 67 percent from its January peak of $3.40.As reported by U.Today, XRP left CoinMarketCap's top five for the first time since 2014 this February.