IX Swap Helps Unlock the Security Token Market with a New Multiplatform Launch

IX Swap Helps Unlock the Security Token Market with a New Multiplatform Launch

IX Swap is a decentralized exchange for security tokens and tokenized stocks. It has set September 8 for the launch of its initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) on Occam and Poolz, two leading launch services for the DeFi space. The IXS token multiplatform launch will also include KuCoin Spotlight, which started on September 3rd and will run until an IEO taking place at the same time as the IDO.

According to Julian Kwan, the Co-founder of IX Swap, there is a great deal of interest amongst institutional investors for DeFi solutions that are compliant and meet relevant regulatory requirements. Solutions that work seamlessly with – and provide services similar to – traditional finance are also in high demand.

Security tokens and tokenized securities are the perfect bridge between the traditional and decentralized financial worlds, and IX Swap’s new offerings have long been overlooked by other players in the industry. Because these offerings solve important problems and help the industry overcome major problems in providing services to a promising addressable market, IX Swap and its new offerings have captured the attention of important players in the industry.

Here is how the IX Swap solution works: it tackles the issue of low liquidity in security token offerings (STO) and tokenized security offerings (TSO) by providing liquidity pools and automated market makers (AMM) for security tokens and tokenized assets. This helps token holders more effectively trade, stake, borrow, and lend assets, as well as participate in liquidity mining.

By solving the access, inclusion, and onboarding problems faced by the DeFi space, IX Swap helps open the doors to the private market and the blockchain space as a whole. It is estimated that over $7.5 trillion are held in private assets, and that these assets can benefit from breaking the liquidity barrier that has for far too long prevented many large investors from entering and participating in the illiquid part of the private market, such as venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, and commodity trading such as timber and more.

By doing this, IX Swap is efficiently bridging the gap between centralized finance and DeFi. It also brings the many benefits of STOs to projects of all types, such as launching IPOs and ensuring compliance. STOs also help to raise funds, break free from overreliance on illiquid assets such as venture capital and private equity, and enter new markets.

As a testament to the promise and potential of IX Swap, the project issued almost two million in IX Swap tokens before the IDO to several venture capitalists and prominent crypto advocates. These include SMO Capital, Token Bay Capital, Baksh Capital, JST Capital, Faculty Capital, COSIMO Ventures, Tokenomik Inc., Soul Capital, and N2H4 Capital.