64% of Cardano Pools Upgraded to Alonzo 1.29.0 Ahead of Mainnet Update

64% of Cardano Pools Upgraded to Alonzo 1.29.0 Ahead of Mainnet Update

Data reveals that 64% of the pools of Cardano are already prepared for the upcoming fork that’s scheduled to take place on September 12th and would potentially introduce smart contracts to the network’s mainnet.

Majority of Pools Alonzo-Ready

As CryptoPotato reported earlier this month, the team behind Cardano managed to successfully implement a smart contracts capability on the Alonzo testnet. This allowed developers time to test out the protocol ahead of its mainnet upgrade, which should supposedly happen on September 12th.

Now, it appears that 64% of the pools in the network are already “Alonzo-ready,” meaning they’ve successfully upgraded to Alonzo 1.29.0, according to the Cardano network monitoring resource Pooltool.

The news was also syndicated by the official Twitter account of Input Output, who stated:

Awesome effort as ever from the Cardano stake pool operator community over the weekend to get ready for Alonzo. Currenty […] some 64% of pools have now upgraded to 1.29.0 Alonzo node.

The team has previous made it clear that they hope for at least 80% of the pools to be ready before the upcoming HFC event.

Cardano Facing Criticism

Meanwhile, the network is under serious criticism after some supposed flaws in its structure were brought to light most recently.

As CryptoPotato reported earlier today, some users have been pointing out a concurrency issue that was found on a Cardano-based decentralized exchange called Minswap, which was also the first DApp that launched on the Alonzo testnet back on September 4th.

Now, people are arguing that the issue is a fundamental one that might require a certain degree of centralization for it to be fixed. Speaking on the matter was Charles Hoskinson, founder at Cardano, who refuted the claims and said that:

The problem our industry has is it basically says well if you don’t support my thing or I can’t see a way to make my thing work, what you have constructed is absolutely useless, forever useless, and it’s just a toy. And then they use vanity metrics, not even understanding what they are saying.