ABEY Token Lists on Liquid Global Today

ABEY Token Lists on Liquid Global Today

Native Token ABEY Lists on Leading Crypto Exchange Liquid Global Today

The ABEY token has just been listed on the leading Japanese crypto exchange Liquid Global, an announcement that signals continued growth for the ABEY ecosystem built on top of the ABEYCHAIN. ABEY token has been trading on crypto exchange ZBX.one since it was first introduced in 2020. Trading on ABEY token grew, which saw the asset price growing over 400% since its launch. ABEY token was listed on ZBX at a price of $0.61 per token and as at the time of this writing, the token price is currently trading at $2.50.

This growth has prompted the ABEYCHAIN team to increase exposure to the ABEY token. This new listing will enable more users to invest in the ABEY token worldwide. It will also bolster the growth of the ABEY token going forward.

Liquid Global currently operates in over 100 countries worldwide. Its customer base boasts of over 800,000 active users, with over 80 tokens listed for the exchange for trading. Liquid Global, in 2020, had a record trading volume of $1.1 billion, and the exchange is consistently ranked among the top 10-20 regulated crypto exchanges worldwide.

ABEYCHAIN Blockchain Rounds All The Bases

ABEYCHAIN is a fully functioning multi-layered, programmable blockchain for high-volume transactions. The blockchain provides a decentralized storage ecosystem that is second to none in the industry. While supporting high-volume transactions using sharding and the ABEY Virtual Machine (AVM). Simply put, ABEYCHAIN got there before Ethereum.

Most blockchains use single consensual mechanisms like proof of work or proof of stake. ABEYCHAIN blockchain uses a double consensus mechanism by implementing a secure proof of work and delegated proof of stake hybrid consensus. This hybridization helps to solve an issue commonly known as the “Impossible Triangle.” The triangle consists of a high degree of decentralization, security, and efficiency.

ABEYCHAIN provides a solution to this for users of the blockchain. Creating an ecosystem where users can count on high-speed transactions, cross-chain interoperability, and a growing base of decentralized applications in a fast-expanding ecosystem. All of this in a developer-friendly environment. The ABEYCHAIN blockchain also possesses the ability to scale to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS). Providing fast and efficient transactions, and eliminating network congestion which leads to high network fees.

Leading DeFi Service

Leading DeFi service XSwap sits on top of the ABEYCHAIN blockchain. XSwap gives users access to decentralized finance services like staking, lending, and yield farming. XSwap also provides Uniswap liquidity mining, which it launched back in 2020.

Other features in the ABEY ecosystem include the ABEY Storage Network and ABEY Storage Token (AST) and the aCash Token (ACT), the official stablecoin of the ABEYCHAIN ecosystem.