Greet WeWay – The Biggest Engagement and NFT Platform For Influencers And Their Followers

Greet WeWay – The Biggest Engagement and NFT Platform For Influencers And Their Followers

WeWay’s founders’ purpose is to develop a place where famous people and their fans will be able to interact and communicate. Built by Yoola’s and eHold’s creators, WeWay will run on the latest blockchain tech there is, featuring its internal NFT platform. Thus, expanding income opportunities for content makers and greatly benefiting their fans.

Yoola is a leading YouTube network (over 1.8bn followers), and eHold is a tech-focused group. They joined to create a big platform for content creators, called WeWay. The platform is aimed at starting a true revolution by expanding content makers’ economy along with the developing market.

As is known, influencers play a key role in marketing strategies all around the world. Their interactions with people and the resulting income turn out to be crucial amidst the actual economic expansion we are all witnessing. As such, the demand for influencers is steadily increasing, requiring a proper landscape for development.

These two aspects are important in the booming content creator economy, which now reaches $14 billion.

Eyan Baumel (Yoola’s CEO) believes that any kind of content, whether it be video clips, songs, artworks, etc., is a profitable investment for content makers as well as for the platforms that host and represent them. He also says that uniting art with science, which stands for the platform itself and the algorithms it is running on, helps create favorable conditions for both parties. Along with people’s active participation and eagerness for engagement and cooperation with influencers, this idea will definitely help develop brands.

It’s not that easy to unite art with science. Still, Eyal Baumel and Mykola Udianskyi (President of eHold) dared to try, combining their experience and talents for the sake of building a perfect platform for those who create content and those who follow them. Fully aimed at expanding this market and, at the end of the day, truly uniting art and science. This will help establish and provide long-term prosperity for influencers and the platforms hosting them.

Social interactions between content makers and their followers is the foundation and the main idea for the WeWay project. Besides using the latest blockchain tech, the founders aim to create a domestic token for the platform. The token will serve as a common crypto asset for the content makers and build an NFT marketplace for purchasing and selling content artworks that were encrypted into NFTs.

Maintaining a balance between the influencers’ interactions with the fans and blockchain technology is a crucial goal for WeWay’s development.

Baumel believes that the main thing for content makers’ success is to work on the right platform, as it is the foundation for influencers’ market development. Yoola proves this by representing an imposing number of the most famous and known influencers out there, all which have a massive number of followers and views.

Some quick facts about Yoola:

  • Cooperation with more than 5000 channels
  • 2 billion subscribers
  • 15 billion views monthly
  • Among them:

  • Nastya – a 7-year-old girl with over 200 million subscribers on YouTube channels and other social medias
  • SlivkiShow – 19,2 million subscribers
  • EeOneGuy – 17,7 million subscribers
  • Marmok – 15,8 million subs
  • Diana Roma Show – 16,4 million subs
  • Мастерская Настроения – 13,7 million subs
  • Morgenstern – 10,8 million subs
  • Yury Dud – 9,3 million subs
  • Nastya Ivleeva – 4,4 million subs
  • Dima Gordey – 6,2 million subs
  • Looking at this list, it is easy to understand why Yoola’s CEO and his team are capable of making WeWay an extremely successful platform.

    Baumel is eager to progress and create something really astonishing. To do that he decided to cooperate with eHold. They aim to build the greatest platform ever, WeWay, where stars and fans can come together and cooperate on a single solid blockchain technology-based project.

    Such a large-scale idea requires true expert participation – the best in the world – to make it into reality. The chosen few who are able to fill this role are Fuad Fatulaev, Bohdan Prylepa, and Abdeselam Mohamed Riduan.

    No other platform managed to do this before – uniting influencers and fans in one place, allowing creators to receive fair income all the while interacting with their fans, all of which, is in a platform that is based on the latest blockchain technology.

    WeWay is supposed to be a bridge between celebrities and their community, providing them with novel and better means to interact.

    Both influencers and fans profit from using the WeWay platform, it goes as follows:

    You get the content creators and famous personalities who will have the opportunity to communicate with their community and followers, becoming closer to them, thus creating a sense of belonging.

    And then you get the fans who will now be able to interact closer with celebrities and such, all the while being provided specially developed tools, votes, and common activities with said celebrities. It’s all-inclusive and allows them to feel more connected to the people they admire.

    The platform’s creators came up with various ideas on how to implement better fan-influencer interactions within WeWay. Perhaps fans can play video games with a celebrity, or participate in some famous Youtuber’s stream, or even attend a party with an influencer that you are fond of, the possibilities are pretty much endless as long as it makes for a good time for both parties. On top of that, fans get the chance to take part in filming videos with influencers, record content, carry out Zoom calls, take part in contests, or even receive exclusive products from an influencer – WeWay provides all that, and much more.

    Now, since we’re still talking about the focal points of the project, Fuad Fatulaev, CEO and co-founder of WeWay, mentioned that the project founders are eager to come up with as many tools as possible for content creators and their followers to use within the platform, allowing everyone, even a regular person, to participate in content making and interacting with celebrities. It’s important to note that such a feat is quite unique as it has no predecessors in the market. The synergy that can take place between the creators that set up a vote towards some cause or project, and the fans that can come up with ideas and request some initiatives, allows the project to go far beyond and provide an even fundraising mechanism through the in-house WeWay token. That is how your typical social media can create a perfect ecosystem for fan-influencer interactions that is not burdened by meaningless fees or empty promises.