Bitcoin May Still Reach Above $100,000 By End of 2021: Chainalysis CEO

Bitcoin May Still Reach Above $100,000 By End of 2021: Chainalysis CEO

Michael Gronager, CEO of Chainalysis and co-founder of Kraken, believes that Bitcoin may still go past the $100,000 level by the end of 2021 as adoption expands and regulatory clarity gradually appears.

He has also touched on the El Salvador topic related to Bitcoin and offered a reason why BTC has been growing in the past week and has retaken the $50,000 level twice. Gronager has spoken about that on Bloomberg TV.

“Ethereum is dragging other cryptos up”

Gronager reckons that the main driver of the Bitcoin price recently has been Ethereum that has been rising after the London hard fork implementation on August 5. The major upgrade has made the second biggest blockchain one step closer towards Ethereum 2.0 and switching to Proof-of-Stake and it has allowed for burning ETH fees. As per the recent blockchain data over 164,000 ETH has been incinerated as of now.

Along with Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies have been going up, the Chainalysis CEO stated, including Bitcoin. Solana (SOL) reached an all-time high $145 a few hours ago and ADA soared to the $3 level. But Cardano’s native coin has been growing on the upcoming Alonzo launch and the release of the test capability for deploying smart contracts.

Ethereum has been pumping on the growing popularity of NFTs and ETH tokens getting burned. Besides, according to the data shared by Santiment, investor focus has been largely shifting from SOL to Ethereum.

El Salvator and BTC government regulation

Michael Gronager also mentioned the positive impact of El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender, even though around sixty-five percent of the population claim they will not want to get paid in BTC.

Gronager has called that a normal resistance to innovation in finance by average people and named other countries where Bitcoin has been adopted – Vietnam, India, Ukraine, Pakistan, etc.

Michael opined that people in El Salvador or any other given small country are likely to cling what is simple and what they are used to, like the USD, that they hardly know what Bitcoin is and how it works. But eventually when the government adopts it, they will see that using BTC is as simple as USD, so he is not concerned too much about it.

As for governments’ attitude to BTC, Gronager believes that regulators, such as the US SEC, start seeing that Bitcoin is actually transparent rather than anonymous and will likely start using it in the future as a better medium of exchange and an investment platform.

“Bitcoin could reach above $100,000 by the year’s end”

As Kraken co-founder, the Chainalysis CEO has agreed with the Kraken chief Jesse Powell, who believes that “the moon is a bearish case for Bitcoin” and it is likely to go to “other dimension”.

By the end of the year, Gronager agrees with Powell that Bitcoin may go past the $100,000 mark. He stated that it is currently a bull market and bull markets for such cryptos as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other top ones are largely powered by bear markets when a lot of interesting things gets developed to make bull markets make a stronger reappearance.