Charles Hoskinson Responds to Yet Another Threat About ADA Giveaway Scam

Charles Hoskinson Responds to Yet Another Threat About ADA Giveaway Scam

Founder of IOHK and the largest proof of stake (PoS) blockchain Cardano, Charles Hoskinson has again been chosen as a scapegoat. He was chosen by the victim of hackers who stole his YouTube account to promote a crypto scam.

The victim, who had his account hijacked by ADA crypto giveaway scammers, has threatened Hoskinson with a complaint to go to the police and suggested that Hoskinson return the stolen account to him.

IOHK founder again accused of scamming users

Hoskinson has published an email screenshot in which a person with the nickname “ANTIDROGA ANTIDROGA” accused him of hacking his YouTube account and then appearing in a video on the account. The person promised to complain to the police because he lost his account and blamed Hoskinson for it.

We got another one who doesn't understand giveaway scams— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) August 31, 2021

The blogger stated that he would “follow this at any cost” unless Hoskinson returns the account.

The IOHK CEO pointed out that this is yet another person in the crypto community who had not already heard of these scams.

Neither he nor the complainer mentioned ADA, but this coin was likely used in the scam, since the ADA co-creator was impersonated.

Hoskinson threatened by Indian YouTubers

Earlier, U.Today reported that popular YouTube vloggers from India accused Hoskinson of hacking their YouTube account, Ashkar Techy, with over 650,000 subscribers.

They demanded that the account be returned to the owner; otherwise, they threatened to go to the police. It seems that the stolen account was used to promote ADA giveaway scams too.

Numerous vloggers covered that hack that took place on July 26.