NFT Pioneers ENVOY Partners SuperFarm DeFi Platform

NFT Pioneers ENVOY Partners SuperFarm DeFi Platform

Two teams are going to introduce new opportunities for all enthusiasts of decentralized finances and digital collectibles (non-fungible tokens or NFTs).

ENVOY inks a partnership with SuperFarm

According to the joint official announcement shared on official media channels, the ENVOY team that addresses the NFT market's use cases, has joined forces with SuperFarm cross-chain protocol.

We're excited to announce a partnership with @envoynetwork, a premium NFT label that aims to revolutionize the content economy by connecting artists, celebs, publishers, and more directly with fans.— SuperFarm (@SuperFarmDAO) August 26, 2021

ENVOY is going to use the elements of SuperFarm's technologies stack in order to mint non-fungible tokens associated with tracks, paintings, e-sports items and so on.

In turn, SuperFarm community members will be able to seamlessly purchase, store and exchange non-fungible tokens created by ENVOY's artists.

During the 2021 NFT mania, ENVOY onboarded many established artists, actors, celebrities, influencers, festivals, esports teams and other mass culture creators.

Premium NFT brand will utilize cutting-edge no-code system

Bram Verstraeten, CEO of ENVOY, is certain that this milestone is a crucial one for the mass adoption of non-fungible tokens:

SuperFarm is a natural partner for ENVOY as we share the same ideals of how to drive NFT adoption forward. While the summer 2021 NFT boom is enormous by monetary measures, in terms of new participants and popular culture, it is clearly nowhere as strong as it needs to be. Mainstream audiences have a hard time understanding crypto-native NFT collections, which is why we want to collaborate with SuperFarm to bring the mainstream brands into crypto.

Elliot Wainmann, founder of SuperFarm, emphasizes that this collaboration will bring valuable and unique non-fungible tokens to SuperFarm:

SuperFarm has always focused on heavy-hitting collections that anyone could recognize. By working with ENVOY, we ensure a steady stream of high quality collections to the SuperFarm platform.

SuperFarm's killing features include the opportunity to deploy NFTs and DeFi instruments with no coding. This option significantly lowers the "entry barrier" for Web3 adoption.