Over 1.3 Million Bitcoins Transferred by Anonymous Whales in Large Lumps

Over 1.3 Million Bitcoins Transferred by Anonymous Whales in Large Lumps

Over the past twenty-four hours, a large number of crypto transactions carrying an average of 21,000 Bitcoins has been spotted on the blockchain. Over 60 billion USD worth of Bitcoin was transferred in total.

Whales shift over 1.3 million in Bitcoin

Each of these sixty transfers totals approximately $1 billion or slightly less. An overall amount of more than 2 million Bitcoins has been moved between anonymous wallets.

The overall approximate amount of the transferred crypto funds equals a jaw-dropping $60,480,000,000 in fiat.

Each billion USD in Bitcoin was worth approximately $13 to transfer. On Saturday, over $2 billion was moved in the same way within several hours and then these transfers continued through the whole weekend.

Whales have been stocking up on the leading crypto

According to a recent article from The Independent, over the past three months, crypto whales have been actively buying Bitcoin, apparently, believing that another major BTC rally may occur in the short term.

The major news outlet has written that wallets holding $50 million worth of BTC or even more have been increasing their BTC positions throughout the summer.

The last time such a massive accumulation took place prior to Bitcoin hitting the all-time high of around the $64,000 area in April this year.

Alexandra Clark, a trader from UK-based GlobalBlock, believes that Bitcoin is showing strong buy signals for simple and exponential MAs. Therefore, MictoStrategy keeps acquiring BTC – it added another 3,097 Bitcoins to its portfolio last week, as reported by U.Today.

Market analyst from DailyFX, Daniela Hathorn, also reckons that Bitcoin may gain momentum and rise as high as $55,000 soon.