Crypto Putting Value At The Core of Culture: Camila Russo

Crypto Putting Value At The Core of Culture: Camila Russo

The author of The Infinite Machine, a first-ever book on Ethereum (ETH) history, shares her views on how crypto adoption affects culture and finance.

The line is blurred

In her latest tweet, Ms. Russo stated that blockchains and cryptocurrencies are "putting value" at the core of culture.

Blockchains /crypto are putting value at the core of culture. The line between gaming, art, music, collectibles and finance is blurred.Finance is cultureCulture is financeOutcome: Creators can better monetize their work, users become owners and share the upside.— Camila Russo ✊ (@CamiRusso) August 27, 2021

As such, gaming, art, music, collectibles and finance become interconnected elements of one huge metaverse.

In this new ecosystem, "finance is culture, and culture is finance." This convergence allows all of its participants to benefit in a novel manner.

Due to NFTs, DeFi and GameFi protocol adoption, creators can directly monetize their artwork while crypto users become the owners of new masterpieces.

NFT euphoria is on fire again

The crypto segment is going through the next wave of euphoria around digital collectibles (non-fungible tokens or NFTs). THe largest marketplace for NFTs, OpenSea, has broken into the Top 1,000 in the global Alexa website traffic ranking.

probably nothing— OpenSea (@opensea) August 27, 2021

According to the infographic shared by its team, it took 90 days to gain 568 positions on this list.

Also, Paradigm VC fund co-founder Matt Huang shared the statistics of sales across top-notch NFT collections.

NFT sales, last 30 days— Matt Huang (@matthuang) August 27, 2021

In the past 30 days, some of them added almost 17,000 percent in terms of sales volume. Axie Infinity, CryptoPunks and Art Blocks lead the way here.