$2,098,745,037 in Bitcoin Transferred by Crypto Whales

$2,098,745,037 in Bitcoin Transferred by Crypto Whales

In the past hour, two transactions carrying a whopping 42,970 Bitcoins were made between anonymous wallets. That is an equivalent of a staggering $2,098,745,037 in fiat.

Just now another 21,485 BTC was shifted. The transfers were made in blocks 697,944, 697,946 and 697,948. Thus, a total of 64,455 Bitcoins has been shifted by crypto whales, making it $3,154,511,86.

The transferring fee in each of these transactions was merely $13.

At the time of writing, this the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is changing hands at $48,939. Earlier today, BTC trading in the $49,200 zone.