Stablecoin Supply on Exchanges Hits $19.22 Billion ATH – Long-Term Bullish Scenario Possible: CryptoQuant CEO

Stablecoin Supply on Exchanges Hits $19.22 Billion ATH – Long-Term Bullish Scenario Possible: CryptoQuant CEO

Ki Young Ju, CEO of the on-chain analytics vendor CryptoQuant, has taken to Twitter to share that recently almost $2 billion worth of stablecoins has been moved to various crypto exchanged.

Now, stablecoin supply on spot crypto platforms has soared to a new all-time high of $19.22 billion, according to another CryptoQuant tweet.

Ju believes that this likely means that a long-term bullish scenario may roll out for cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top coins.

$1.7B worth stablecoins flowed into exchanges lately.Theoretically, exchanges fill up stablecoins to1/ buy crypto assets as user request (or exchange side)2/ prepare user withdrawals before the dipHopefully, we’re in scenario 1.Chart 👉— Ki Young Ju 주기영 (@ki_young_ju) August 27, 2021

Stablecoin reserves on exchanges hits $19.22 billion ATH

Data shared by CryptoQuant CEO and an analyst verified by that platform shows that approximately $1.7 billion in stablecoins has inflowed crypto exchanges lately.

One of the scenarios that may follow it is bullish, since these funds are “dry gunpowder” and could definitely flow into cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, ADA and others, which are on the rise at the moment or expected to go high soon.

That’s what the analyst Jan Wuestenfeld believes and so does the CryptoQuant CEO. However, there is also a chance, according to the latter, that this could be a preparation of user withdrawals before a coming dip of crypto.

The current value of $19.22 billion is a 5x growth from the $4.19 billion all-time high worth of stablecoins concentrated on crypto exchanges recorded in late January.

"Stablecoin Supply on Exchanges Hitting New ATHs" by @JanWuesRead more in Quicktake👉— (@cryptoquant_com) August 27, 2021

USDC to be stored in cash and US treasury bonds

As reported by U.Today earlier, the emitters of the second most popular stablecoin after Tether’s USDT – USDC – have announced that USDC reserve funds are going to be stored only in cash and short-duration U.S. government Treasury bonds as of September. The coin will still be backed by USD on a 1:1 ratio.

The statement was made by the Coinbase president and COO Emilie Choi. USDC was issued together with Circle and Centre companies.

According to Choi, the changes in the investment strategy of USDC will not finish by the aforementioned decision in September but will continue to be diversified.

USDC versus USDT

At the moment the market cap of USD Coin, the largest regulated stablecoin on the market, equals $27,055,019,013 and the coin holds spot 8 on the CoinMarketCap scale.

Its rival USDT from Tether boasts a more than double capitalization of $65,545,782,242 and resides on spot 5.

At the moment, USDC is available on four blockchains – Ethereum, Algorand, Tron and Solana. USDT is supported by Ethereum, Tron, Omni, EOS, Liquid, Algorand, SLP and Solana, according to the Tether transparency page.