Blockchain AgTech Innovators Dimitra Join ZenX Incubator

Blockchain AgTech Innovators Dimitra Join ZenX Incubator

Decentralized agriculture start-up Dimitra is going to strengthen its position in the new-gen AgTech segment with the ZenX incubation program for decentralized finance protocols.

Unizen program ZenX welcomes Dimitra

According to the press release shared with U.Today, decentralized agriculture firm Dimitra has joined the cohort of residents of the ZenX CeDeFi incubator.

We are proud to be hosting @dimitratech team for an AMA.🟢 Date : 25th August, 11:00 AM MST🟢 Venue : us to explore how Dimitra is changing the landscape of Agtech with the help of blockchain— Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem (@unizen_io) August 23, 2021

This announcement is a crucial milestone for both projects. Dimitra's CEO, Jon Trask, stresses the importance of blockchain-based instruments for agriculture in various regions of the world:

Blockchain is being used very well from a track and trace perspective. To track from an organic farm and take those products and track them through the supply chain, it is becoming more and more important to the world.

ZenX is a CeDeFi incubation program by leading cryptocurrency trading platform Unizen Smart Exchange. It is set to nurture early-stage teams in the sphere of cryptocurrency, DeFi and Web3 technologies.

Unizen CEO Sean Noga is more than excited about both the mission of Dimitra and the vision of its team:

Our goal, as an incubator, is to provide the project with technical and legislative tools for revolutionizing agriculture and build a loyal community of contributors and supporters of Dimitra’s infrastructure and cause. For ZenX, it's an exciting challenge, great opportunity, and empowering responsibility - and we are looking forward to the journey.

Empowering agriculture with blockchain-based solutions: What is Dimitra?

Previously, Dimitra received support from top-tier research, development and non-governmental organizations that address the progress of infrastructure in emerging economies, e.g., Agzon Agritech Pvt Ltd, Bangladesh's NGO Sojag, the National Animal Genetic Research Center of Uganda, OBC Indian Chamber of Commerce and so on.

Dimitra leverages blockchain tools to advance the technologies of small-scale farmers. Namely, its toolkit includes: a crop management module, livestock management module, sensor management module, genetics module and an online agricultural marketplace module.

As of Q3, 2021, Dimitra has onboarded over one million farms and 15 million farmers across the globe.