Afghan Computer Engineer, Who Wanted to Mine Bitcoin and Ethereum, Flees Taliban, Gets Arrested in Turkey

Afghan Computer Engineer, Who Wanted to Mine Bitcoin and Ethereum, Flees Taliban, Gets Arrested in Turkey

Reuters has shared a story of Muhammad Ali from Afghanistan, in his twenties, who wanted to set up his business for mining Bitcoin and Ethereum after studying computer science.

After the Taliban took over the country, Ali chose to flee as he knew that the Taliban is likely to ban the Internet and would not allow him to mine crypto or even own a smartphone with a camera.

From bitcoin dreamer to fugitive, fleeing the Taliban for Turkey— Reuters (@Reuters) August 25, 2021

Forced to flee through Iran and Turkey, evading border guards

Ali talked to Reuters, explaining to them the reasons that forced him and other refugees to leave Afghanistan and seek a better life in countries where the Internet and technologies are not believed to be evil and not banned by the dominating religion law.

Numerous migrants from Afghanistan at the moment are trying to use Turkey as a staging point for reaching countries in Europe. Besides, Turkey has already sheltered four million refugees from Syria. Therefore, it is increasing security on its borders, including the one with Iran – some refuge seekers from Afghanistan are trying to get in Turkey though that country and some of them manage to do that, evading meeting border guards.

Ali found a shelter in a drainage tunnel near Turkey's eastern Bitlis province. He told Reuters he was waiting for transport to head to the West and wanted to reach Europe. Along with him, there was another fifty people in that tunnel, using it as shelter.

Failed hopes for building crypto mining business

Muhammad Ali had studied computer science in Afghanistan and also taught web design. Apart from that, he had a YouTube channel, where, among other topics, he taught how to make money online.

He planned to launch a mining farm to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, he said that after the taking over the power, the Taliban would prohibit the Internet and even not allow owning smartphones with a camera as they are against technologies and things that are normal in the Western countries – cinemas, TV-shows, etc. They even allow only religious Muslim music, banning all other live-performances and recordings of it.

A day after Ali talked to Reuters, they received an SMS from him saying that he had been detained by the Turkish police.