MiraQle Releases Exclusive Merchandise for DreamX Collaboration Albums

MiraQle Releases Exclusive Merchandise for DreamX Collaboration Albums

Creator-specific merchandise have gained unprecedented popularity over the past decade. This is especially the case in the music industry, where fans love to show support for their favorite bands, musicians, stars, and albums by owning and wearing a range of different items.

As is obvious, the rising demand for custom merchandise among music fans opens up new income streams for artists. And for fans, it provides a way to directly support their favorite band and brings them closer to the artists.

To better serve this demand, the DeFi project aiming to decentralize the entertainment industry, MiraQle, has built an exclusive merchandise platform called EnterPLUS. In this context, MiraQle also recently announced the launch of official merchandise for its two upcoming DreamX albums that will feature Wiz Khalifa with Jay Park and 24 Goldn with Lay Zhang respectively.

The albums are scheduled for release in the last week of August while the exclusive album goods were recently launched for fans on the EnterPLUS platform.

EnterPLUS is an e-commerce store that allows fans access to their favorite creators’ official goods. On EnterPLUS, fans can use the native MQL tokens to shop for merchandise such as sweatshirts, bags, 3D masks, phone straps, DreamX EP01 Album, DreamX EP02 Album, and DreamX EP02 Wiz Khalifa collaboration graphic T-shirt.

Apart from merchandise, fans can also buy concert tickets on EnterPLUS and own limited edition content on an NFT marketplace that will soon be added to the platform.

A Market Exclusively for Fans-Artist Collaboration

With the onset of blockchain technology and conversations around decentralization becoming stronger by the day, fans now want to be an integral part of the entertainment industry. To make this possible, MiraQle has come up with a robust plan to decentralize the music industry.

From planning and production to the distribution and consumption of content, it aims to create a fan-centric ecosystem by letting fans make crucial decisions pertaining to album creation. Fans can now pick their own stars, the concept, the music video (MV), artists’ outfits, and other details of the album through a fair and transparent voting system.

But that’s not all. The EnterPLUS platform allows fans to get even more involved with the industry. The official merchandise offered on this platform provides a way for fans to directly support and show their appreciation for the artists they themselves have picked. EnterPLUS will also soon feature an NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace that lets fans purchase and trade rare limited-edition content pieces from their favorite artists.

From the artists’ point of view, this platform opens new doors for them to present themselves to their fans and create a reliable income source in the process. MiraQle is also working towards building a social media service app called ‘MusicQ’, which is aimed at enabling artists to stream their content and directly engage with fans. This will further promote fan-artist interactions and make fans the center of this industry.

A Vision for the Future

The vision of decentralizing the entire music industry is certainly an ambitious one. But, by getting industry leaders on board and building next-generation platforms like FanPick, DreamX, and EnterPLUS, MiraQle is well on its way to realizing this dream. The newly released merchandise too could bring in some much-needed attention to this project, propelling its growth in the right direction.