This is the Latest Cryptocurrency Exchange to Migrate to the U.S. Crypto-Capital Miami

This is the Latest Cryptocurrency Exchange to Migrate to the U.S. Crypto-Capital Miami

Originally headquartered in San Francisco, the cryptocurrency trading platform Okcoin has opened a new office in Brickell – an urban neighborhood in Miami. It aims to expand some of its services for the growing Latin American customer base within the city.

Okcoin’s Hiring Initiative

While the new hub only houses 10 Miami employees at present, the company plans to launch an internship program in order to recruit both local and remote talent. Okcoin has already sponsored the annual hackathon Shellhack and has included a challenge within their sponsorship focused on the lightning network.

Winners of the challenge will be rewarded with bitcoin, alongside mentorship, and a possible summer internship at Okcoin’s new Miami location. Altogether, their presence complements the objective of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who is actively recruiting FinTech jobs to the city:

“We are excited about Okcoin’s commitment to local talent and the innovation ecosystem. Their active corporate presence will help us open more financial and professional doors for our residents.”

Okcoin was founded in 2013 and is focused on building and providing the tools to “help onboard the investors and traders who have been on the fence about crypto.” The company includes over 100 employees and services over one hundred thousand traders and investors across nearly every country on the planet.

Miami: America’s Crypto Capital

Miami has been a hotbed for crypto news and innovation as of late, thanks in large part to Mayor Francis Suarez – a long-time crypto bull. The mayor recently admitted buying both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) at relative lows this year and has even shown openness to investing part of his city’s treasury in the primary cryptocurrency.

While acknowledging its current volatility, the mayor sees cryptocurrency as a hedge against the certain inflation that the Biden administration’s spending policies will bring.

Upon Suarez’s request, Miami also happened to host the largest Bitcoin conference in history this June/ It brought together over 12 000 crypto enthusiasts and important voices within the space, including Michael Saylor and Jack Dorsey.