An Unreal IDO; Unlocking Liquidity, Enabling Financial Freedom

An Unreal IDO; Unlocking Liquidity, Enabling Financial Freedom

With the stunning announcement that Coinbase – a trusted cryptocurrency exchange – will add $500 million in various cryptocurrencies to their balance sheet and bitcoin inching closer to $50k, many analysts are saying that the bull market is still in full swing. That’s great news for projects that haven’t yet launched and people who haven’t yet reached their financial goals. And if great news comes in threes, the upcoming IDO of Unreal Finance’s governance token UGT may prove serendipitous.

That’s because Unreal will enable those who haven’t yet reached their financial goals to do so by allowing users to tokenize their future yield and unlock previously inaccessible liquidity instantly. This unreal innovation couldn’t come at a better hour, with enough time left so average investors can put their illiquid capital to work for them and finally gain the financial freedom that eludes many.

Financial Freedom: Is it just a pipe dream?

While financial freedom and escape from wage slavery may seem like a pipe dream, financial instruments – like Unreal – that put people’s money to work for them instead of the opposite are just around the corner!

This January, popular crypto Twitter personality Ledger Status tweeted about the capital influx and pace of development in decentralized finance and how that will likely lead to many retiring early.

Just a few short months later, the number of posts like this one from Smart Trades are on the incline. And with products like Unreal that allow users to earn yield on staked assets so they can capitalize on every benefit their earnings can offer, the trend is more likely to continue than not.

But can it happen for me?

Those who aren’t already “balls deep in DeFi” may feel as though they’re too late to achieve their financial goals, but in reality, decentralized finance is still in its infancy. Many products like Unreal haven’t even yet launched let alone been pressed to the limit for maximum return on investment.

Although readers may be too late to participate in Unreal’s IDO for their governance token UGT, many unreal opportunities for generating passive income lie ahead.

Learn more about Unreal Finance with their Lite Paper and tokenomics, and don’t miss out on UGT’s inaugural exchange listing, which is likely to happen shortly after their IDO on Cardstarter concludes on August 24th on UniSwap.