xxxNifty’s NSFW Token – Revolutionising the Adult Entertainment Industry with NFTs

xxxNifty’s NSFW Token – Revolutionising the Adult Entertainment Industry with NFTs

Cryptocurrencies have become the standard for bringing a new change in orthodox and long-standing industries. There have been many instances where blockchain tech has managed to pull off the unexpected by giving the common mass the power of autonomy. One such problematic yet promising area is within the Adult Entertainment Industry. Currently, this industry faces many recurring challenges related to payment processing. High transaction fees, removal of services, and different kinds of charges are normal for adult content creators.

The Market Opportunity

The porn industry has always utilised the most advanced technical solutions from VHS to Blu-Ray, and Blu-Ray to the Internet so it makes sense for the industry to progress to decentralisation and adopt digital currencies to maintain 100% ownership rights so that adult content creators can better protect themselves online. Using the xxxNifty NFT platform can also benefit creators by letting them earn ongoing royalties for their content with more transparency.

The adult entertainment industry garners more than $90 billion each year from online content. The team at xxxNifty Global Inc. is led by its Chief Executive Officer Gavin Reddrop who is joined by several investors. Reddrop took over the reins of this company on 24th July to continue the growth of the and the xxxNifty NFT Marketplace, ensuring the highest quality products are delivered for the benefit to both fans and creators. Will Solve Adult Entertainment Industry Problems

xxxNifty is looking to change the ways in which adult entertainment content is consumed and to provide a new, safer way for adult content creators and their fans to interact. xxxNifty team has already created the world’s first fully-functional Adult NFT platform, launching in April 2021 accepting payments via their own unique cyrpto token suitably named $NSFW token. The team now has their eyes set on becoming the world’s largest adult NFT platform with the release of their new and improved marketplace scheduled for August 2021 as well as a revolutionary adult only social media application with live streaming scheduled for release in Q4 of 2021. Both of these platforms utilise the $NSFW token for payments providing users of the xxxNifty platform i.e. creators as well as viewers to have more protection in the form of anonymity.

Through the use of Non-fungible tokens and related technology, several porn artists will be able to sell their unique content which has been certified and registered on the blockchain. Being an NFT means these pieces would not be resold by any other person except the original owner. Creators of the content would also receive a fair share of royalty percentage with every sale. The $NSFW token mentioned earlier is the means through which fans would be able to buy adult content in NFT form and avoid paying chargebacks and violating any rules.

The xxxNifty Marketplace

The xxxNifty Marketplace is the platform where adult content creators and their fans come together to interact, buy, and sell NFT-based adult content securely and anonymously. This marketplace is a way to secure the fragile relationships between top content creators and their fans who want to interact and experience a safe and unique adult entertainment platform. As a content creator using the xxxNifty marketplace, you can not only sell pieces of content but also the NFT of some physical items such as subscriptions, toys, and pieces of intimate clothing.

But the most important aspect of the xxxNifty marketplace is its security and protection of creators. With access to over 5000 unique pieces of adult content ready to be minted as NFTs and to be made available on xxxNifty’s Marketplace. The company ensures that every single NFT available on their platform is legal through various procedures which make it one of its kind. In short, NSFWToken is capable of becoming a game-changer by bringing top quality, exclusive digital works that cannot be duplicated by anyone else except its rightful owner. This marketplace has already sold over 80+ NFT artworks from reputed artists like Cali Carter, Poly Annie, Adreena Winters and more.

xxxNifty Social Platform

The brains behind the xxxNifty project are also working on developing the most unique and straightforward social platform to be used for social interaction between adult artists and their fans. This would serve as a new connective social media platform focusing on adult entertainment where people can:

  • Create or join live streams to talk/listen to your favourite adult entertainer in a friendly and interesting environment.
  • Send messages either one on one or private chat with some of the industry’s most talented stars.
  • View content feed by subscribing to any adult content creator of your choice.
  • Join NFT sales to get your hands on the digital content.
  • Tip favourite entertainers using $NSFW Tokens.
  • Recent Partnerships and Social Information

    Dan Leal also known as “Porno” Dan Leal has joined the team of xxxNifty not too long ago as an equity partner. According to a statement from Leal, around 3000 scenes would be made exclusively available as NFT’s on the xxxNifty marketplace to be sold using $NSFW tokens. This deal has inspired many other studios to come forward and partake in the NFT craze with the xxxNifty team including Nexxxt Level Agency and Wasteland with more discussions in the works. It is a sign that there is a lot more to come in the future from this powerhouse brand, xxxNifty and the $NSFW Token will be ones to watch.