TripLeverage Announces a Groundbreaking ILO on Unicrypt

TripLeverage Announces a Groundbreaking ILO on Unicrypt

Business travel platform, TripLeverage, recently announced its upcoming ILO on Unicrypt. The offering is scheduled for 23rd August and will sell 100% of the offered maximum supply of tokens.

Since its inception in 2020, TripLeverage has been making significant profits. The travel management company will use the revenue to buy and burn TripLeverage tokens following the new move.

TripLeverage Tokenomics Explained

The ILO will introduce deflationary tokens to the company’s business model. The tokens are crucial to scale TripLeverage to the next level. The company’s growth will make it easier to introduce a reward system for its users.

The community will receive 50% of the net revenue as a reward for making referrals. The company will use the remaining 50% to buy back and burn TLT tokens, thus giving back to the community.

The token’s transactional tax will be 10%, divided into various functions, including marketing, team salary, and buying and burning, all of which receive 1%. The most significant portion of this tax goes to TLT holders, who receive 3% of this amount, depending on how many tokens they have.

TripLeverage will use static rewards, thus ensuring that users are rewarded with amounts proportional to the trade volume. Further, it introduces the reflect mechanism through which token holders can receive higher kickbacks.

TripLeverage aims to sustain the system’s token and keep providing its communities with rewards and other benefits.

Business Partnerships for New Move

The exciting new move will accelerate TripLeverage’s growth, and it was crucial to bring the right partners on board. TripLeverage partners with some popular names in the blockchain world to make the new system a reality.

Besides Unicrypt, which provides the platform for the ILO, the travel company has partnered with Bitbook, which provides incubation. Further, SolidProof provides KYC screening to ensure trust in the management, and QuillAudits does full audits to ensure the platform’s integrity.

Blockchain to Better TripLeverage’s Services

Although TripLeverage has only been around for a short while, it has achieved efficient revenue streams. Incorporating blockchain technology will help steer the company further while building a community within the crypto scene.

TripLeverage provides travel expense solutions and helps its users to arrange for the ideal vacations at great deals. Customers can access different transport and accommodation options through the travel inventory.

TripLeverage offers a centralized solution for all travel plans. Also, customers receive one invoice that reflects all the purchases made. Users can also use the expenditure control feature to ensure they stay within their budgets. The detailed report analysis also offers guidance on the user’s travel expenditure.

More on TripLeverage

Visit to get the latest information on the platform. You can also visit the TripLeverage Telegram channel to chat with the team and learn more about the TripLeverage Token.