Prepared for Liftoff – QuickSwap Launches Limit Orders; Attracts New Users

Prepared for Liftoff – QuickSwap Launches Limit Orders; Attracts New Users

Do you hear the dragon roar? QuickSwap – Polygon’s biggest DEX – is a DeFi beast in the making. In the last month, QuickSwap has announced several big exchange listings for its native utility token $QUICK (with Binance and Coinbase Pro among them), launched a community governance vote, and completed a successful IDO with the partner – PolyStarter. That’s not even to mention QUICK’s historic price surge from a monthly low of $219.80 on July 19th to above $760, where it sits at the time of this writing. And if good news is what’s driving QuickSwap’s adoption, the DEX may soon experience growth that dwarfs its previous expansion phases.

Earlier today, QuickSwap released their newest feature: limit orders. Powered by Gelato, limit orders are the feature that DEX’s growing user base requests most frequently. Now, users are one step closer to getting the same reliable experience they’re used to from centralized exchanges on QuickSwap – Polygon’s most trusted DEX.

Limit Orders: What are they & why do people want them?

Limit orders allow traders to set specified price targets for their purchases and sales. This function enables traders to better control the prices at which they buy and sell. It seems then that adding this functionality will attract new traders (and greater volume) to QuickSwap’s platform.

In a Twitter exchange with QuickSwap earlier this year, popular crypto trader Lisa N. Edwards expressed her hesitation to use the DEX – the interface lacked the ability to set stop losses, which put the risk/reward ratio outside of her tolerance level. And Lisa isn’t alone. Many traders won’t use a platform that doesn’t offer limit orders. Luckily, with the help of Gelato, QuickSwap does!

It’s a New Dawn; It’s a New Day!

With limit orders now available, an IDO launchpad deployed, and big centralized exchange listings making QUICK easier to buy than ever before, QuickSwap may soon experience growth that will make previous expansion phases seem like a drop in the bucket.

Next-to-zero gas fees, lightning-fast transactions, deep liquidity (over $1 billion in TVL), and the added functionality of limit orders make QuickSwap an appealing alternative for many traders who are sick of losing profits to high gas fees. When will the mass migration to Polygon and QuickSwap propel the QUICK token’s value out of the atmosphere? No one knows for sure, but things sure do seem to be happening QUICK.

Don’t wait! Test out QuickSwap’s new limit orders feature today! {insert link}