Flare Finance DeFi Teases NFT Bonuses, Asset Prizes as Its ExFi Launches on Songbird

Flare Finance DeFi Teases NFT Bonuses, Asset Prizes as Its ExFi Launches on Songbird

Flare Finance (DFLR) builds a one-stop decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem on Flare, the much-anticipated EVM-compatible blockchain. Here is how this product is going to leverage Songbird (SGB), a Flare "canary network?"

Flare Finance (DFLR) teases new beta program with NFT prizes and rewards

According to the latest tweet by Flare Finance (DFLR), its beta testing program is going to launch on Songbird (SGB), a sister chain of Flare Network.

The upcoming #Songbird launch will be home to a new form of trustless experimental finance, we have dubbed #ExFi. #ExFi will be home to the new #FlareFinance BETA Program with awesome rewards including Samurai NFT’s, Asset Prizes, and more!Are you ready for #ExFi?— Flare Finance (@FlareFinance) August 13, 2021

First of all, Flare Finance (DFLR) is going to start an incentivized beta testing program with a number of lucrative rewards for participants. The new beta testnet will inherit Samurai-themed aesthetics from previous Flare Finance initiatives.

Namely, Flare Finance (DFLR) will distribute the "Samurai" series of digital collectibles (non-fungible tokens, NFTs) and prizes in cryptocurrencies.

As covered by U.Today previously, Flare Finance (DFLR) rewarded its early-bird adopters with Samurai-themed NFTs. One of them, "Super Rare" Samurai NFT, was then sold for 5.06 Ethers (ETH).

Introducing "Experimental Finance" concept: What is ExFi?

Flare Finance (DFLR) is going to introduce the brand new concept of "Experimental Finance" to a global community of blockchain enthusiasts.

As explained by Flare Finance (DFLR), the "Experimental Finance" of "ExFi" will act as an experimental environment for the financial designs of the DeFi segment:

#ExFi refers to Experimental Finance, or decentralized finance with new approaches to financial modules that may be adopted into main network #DeFi. In other words, a #DeFi sandbox where anything can happen!

As U.Today previously reported, before the inception of Flare's mainnet, its team will launch Songbird (SGB), a "canary network," to stress test all of Flare's economical scenarios with real-world tokens.