DOGE Is “People’s Way to Pay” As 95% of My Customers Choose Dogecoin: Billionaire Mark Cuban

DOGE Is “People’s Way to Pay” As 95% of My Customers Choose Dogecoin: Billionaire Mark Cuban

In a recent Twitter thread Mark Cuban, a billionaire, Shark Tank co-host and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, stated that DOGE has become “the people’s way to pay” as the majority of this companies’ clients are choosing DOGE to buy products with.

95% of Cuban’s companies’ sales are in DOGE

Mark Cuban has rejected the allegations of Jason A. Williams, a Bitcoin maxi and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, about shilling Dogecoin.

The billionaire stated that he does not “shill DOGE”. What he does shill, according to him, is services and goods of the companies he owns and runs and, according to him, the meme crypto DOGE has become a very popular means of payment among the majority of clients.

95 percent of them, the tweet says, choose Dogecoin to pay when buying goods or services from these companies, including merchandise of the Dallas Mavericks team.

The billionaire has referred to DOGE as “the people’s way to pay”.

I don't shill Doge. I shill the prods & services of my companies. Where we allow people to pay in ANY crypto, 95% of the sales are in DOGE. Customers CHOOSE to use DOGE. We can argue everything and anything re BTC, but right now DOGE is the people's way to pay. #DOGEFACTS— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) August 15, 2021

“Too much concentration of BTC wealth with whales”

In the course of the Twitter discussion, Cuban insisted that Bitcoin is only a store of value (largely thanks to the fixed supply limit) but “BTC will always struggle to be a currency”. He also wrote that a massive concentration of Bitcoin in the hands of whales can be bad for BTC as these entities or individuals can act like a Central Bank and start controlling or/and manipulating the market.

“With BTC you have too much concentration of wealth with whales. They can act like a Central Bank controlling how and where BTC is available and create deflation/inflation by how much they buy, how much they spend, how much they pay and what they spend it on.”