Israeli’s Intelligence Agency Mossad To Recruit Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Expert

Israeli’s Intelligence Agency Mossad To Recruit Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Expert

Mossad has put out a job listing to hire a bitcoin and crypto expert with three years plus experience in FinTech. According to the job requirement, anyone to occupy this current position must understand the technologies that drive the industry. In addition, he must be an expert in e-commerce, digital currencies, fintech, and DEF.

Based on the role description, the right candidate will be In charge of planning, initiating, leading, and coordinating every activity in systems developments. There have been some speculations about this sudden move by Israel’s National Intelligence Agency.

For instance, a News site in the country known as Ynet has written that the agency may be planning to use crypto for payments to its agents and equipment purchases given the anonymity of the transactions.

Israel’s Interest in Crypto

The country has shown a lot of interest in Bitcoin and other crypto’s popularity recently. This is due to the Hamas militant group, the ruling authority of the Gaza Strip, a self-governing territory in Palestine.

Many countries have classified Hamas as a terrorist movement. As such, the organization has shifted its interest to crypto for transactions. Since these activities are untraceable through crypto, they can raise funds anonymously on many social media platforms.

With such activities going on, Israel’s intelligence is now working to thwart its efforts. For instance, in July, the defense minister in Israel, Benny Ganz, signed as ‘order” allowing security agencies in Israel to seize every crypto account that links to the militant wing.

The order came after the group increased its efforts to raise funds after the Gaza Strip. Instead, the event faced eleven days of violent fights that left many people homeless and helpless.

Militants Raise More Bitcoin And Other Crypto-Coins

In an ICD-ICT 2020 report, the amount of Bitcoin in wallets linked to Hamas & its Iran Affiliates, al-Nasser Salah ad-Deen Brigades, has reached 3,370 Bitcoin. These groups raised this amount in four years, much to the alarm of security agencies in the countries.

The group increased its fundraising efforts last year when it had huge shortages in resources. According to our sources, the militants had reached out to Iran for financial assistance but were rejected. In January 2020, ICD-ICT also reported a sudden increase in transactions happening in the wallet.

This activity and desperation in raising funds during the fights led to the order to seize the wallets tied to militant groups. Now that the intelligence agency is hiring a crypto expert, they might be taking the order to a higher level.


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