Social Trading Platform Bingbon Has Partnered With Paxful Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

Social Trading Platform Bingbon Has Partnered With Paxful Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

Derivative-based trading platform Bingbon has partnered with Paxful peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform according to their press release. Paxful allows users to transact by buying and selling cryptocurrency with fiat.

By making that addition to the platform, Bingbon allows its users to take advantage of Paxful's fiat exchange system. Bingbon users will now be able to use nearly 400 payment tools to make deposits to their accounts without leaving the platform.

The partnership creates various trading opportunities for users that are willing to directly fund their platform accounts via bank, debit or credit card transfer and by using fiat Ewallets. Paxful allows users to find buyers and sellers for almost any transaction volume instantly.

The integration of the Paxful exchange platform is a step toward the simplification and accessibility of cryptocurrency trading for users worldwide, which correlates with Bingbon's mission of accelerating digital finance by implementing technologies that make life easier.

About Bingbon

Bingbon is a social crypto trading exchange that offers access to both spot and derivatives trading services. The platform allows users to choose smart cryptocurrency trading strategies and invest in crypto alternatively by following the trading of professionals.

About Paxful

Paxful is a peer-to-peer exchange platform that allows you to exchange fiat assets to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether. Paxful's goal is to solve one of the most important problems in the crypto industry, which is the inaccessibility of easy fiat-to-crypto solutions. Currently, Paxful is successfully solving that problem with six million people who use the platform to exchange fiat to cryptocurrencies with 400 different payment methods.


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