Hot Doge: Oscar Mayer’s Dogecoin Hotdogs Sell At Auction For $15k

Hot Doge: Oscar Mayer’s Dogecoin Hotdogs Sell At Auction For $15k

Oscar Mayer’s auction of their one-of-a-kind Dogecoin-themed pack of hotdogs “Hot Doge Wieners” sells for $15k.

Oscar Mayer’s Hot Doge Wieners Auction Closes At $15k

Oscar Mayer initially announced an auction for these Dogecoin-themed wieners five days back, with a starting bid of $0.99. The pack of hotdogs also came with 10k DOGE in value.

3 days ago, the Kraft-Heinz subsidiary announced another auction for these Hot Doge Wieners. This time the pack held cash worth of 20k Dogecoins. That’s roughly $5000 at current price, double the previous one’s value of around $2500.

The auction description reads:

Very meat! So wiener! Much taste! Keep It Oscar on your trip to the moon and help a good cause at the same time with this one-of-a-kind 10-pack of weenies. The winner of this auction won’t just receive the only pack of Oscar Mayer Hot Doge Wieners in the world, but also enough cash to purchase 20,000 Dogecoins.

The auction was held on Ebay, and there wasn’t any option for placing a bid in Dogecoin. One Twitter user asked the company about it, to which they replied “Not for this one but hopefully the next Hot Doge Rocket!”

The auction attracted a total of 76 bidders, with the winning bid being $15,001. Such an incredible price has made this pack of hotdogs the most expensive in history. According to Guinness World Records, the previous record was $169.

The description also notes that “all proceeds will be donated to Feeding America,” a US-based hunger relief organization.

Dogecoin Price

At the time of writing, DOGE’s price floats around $0.256, up 2.3% in the last 5 days. Over the past month, the cryptocurrency has amassed 2.1% in gains.

Below is a chart that showcases the trend in Dogecoin’s price over the last 3 months:

Over the weekend, the coin’s price sharply rose as it jumped from around $0.200 on Friday to just under $0.275 on Sunday. The crypto briefly fell down $0.23 earlier today, but has quickly recovered to about $0.25 now.

Oscar Mayer’s Dogecoin marketing isn’t the first time a food-related company has used the coin for such a campaign. Just last month, Burger King Brazil launched a dog food product that customers could buy using DOGE.

Also, earlier in the year, smoked meat purveyor Slim Jim had a Dogecoin-themed marketing campaign as well. The campaign had such a strong effect that it helped the cryptocurrency reach a new all-time-high.

It’s unclear at the moment if the coin can keep up the current upwards momentum and push for $0.30, or if it will falter again in this range and fall down once more.


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