Will Jack Dorsey Be America's First Bitcoin President?

Will Jack Dorsey Be America's First Bitcoin President?

Amid a legislative cryptocurrency battle in Washington, calls for electing America’s first Bitcoin president have emerged.Cryptocurrency advocate Anthony Pompliano ignited a discussion about potential candidates who could fit the role.When a user tweeted that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was “slowly and steadily” moving toward running for office, the tech billionaire replied that Bitcoin doesn’t actually need presidents.

Nah. Bitcoin doesn’t need presidents.— jack⚡️ (@jack) August 8, 2021

Pompliano himself denied any plans to seek any pollical position after several followers perceived his tweet as a campaign pitch.The White House endorsing an unfavorable amendment to the crypto tax provision in the blockbuster infrastructure bill made many accuse the Joe Biden administration of cracking down on crypto. There is now a bipartisan effort to save crypto in Washington.


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