IOTA's Tangle Chosen as Platform for Revolutionary Smart Energy Project

IOTA's Tangle Chosen as Platform for Revolutionary Smart Energy Project

IOTA Foundation's Tangle data network will be integrated by a leading smart energy project. Tangle will connect thousands of sensors to ensure resource-efficient energy distribution.

IOTA's Tangle will be used in cutting-edge energy solution

According to an official announcement shared on the IOTA Foundation's blog, SUSEE, an experimental project in the sphere of "smart energy," will utilize IOTA's Tangle.

🌍The future of a reliable, climate-friendly energy supply! #SUSEE - A #German collaboration of €2.6M in public funding. A new grant to develop a scalable solution for reliable data transmission & processing in sensor networks, using the #Tangle.— IOTA (@iota) August 2, 2021

SUSEE (Secure Sensor Platforms for Smart Energy Networks) is a multi-lateral research and development collaboration that includes the energy distribution network operator SWO Netz GmbH, researchers from Fraunhover and Chemnitz universities, peerOS GmbH, mCloud Systems GmbH and TIP GmbH enterprises, as well as the non-profit IOTA Foundation.

Tangle will be used to facilitate information transfer between the sensors responsible for sending information to plenty of end users.

Tangle was chosen for this experiment due to its high standards of encryption, extremely low fees, fast speed of transaction finalization and notable scalability opportunities.

The project raises funds from €2.6 million German government program

SUSEE is included benefitting from applied non-nuclear research funding in the 7th Energy Research Program of Germany's Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWI). The net amount of this program is more than €2.6 million.

Holger Köther, director of partnerships at the IOTA Foundation, stressed that this use case is a crucial one for the progress of IOTA Foundation's adoption:

Ensuring data integrity and data management encrypted and securely directly from the edge is the core DNA of IOTA. I am looking forward to working as part of a team of so many forward thinking organizations, to demonstrate how IOTA is being used as a security and integrity layer for upcoming applications, where a distributed resilient IT infrastructure against attacks is key.

The project's data transmission design will be based on IOTA's Tangle and LoRaWAN wireless information transfer protocol.