Ripple Client Currencyсloud to Build New E-Money Solution within New Big Partnership

Ripple Client Currencyсloud to Build New E-Money Solution within New Big Partnership

In a fresh press release, Ripple customer Currencycloud has stated that it has inked a partnership deal with FxPro, a top global player on the Forex market.

Together they plan to create new e-money solutions as part of FxPro's new business, BnkPro.

This service will enable a large market segment to gain access to banking-like services by means of a new mobile app.

It's great to be bringing on board @FxProGlobal's new business arm @bnk_pro. Customers will benefit from global transfers and multi-currency accounts, alongside robust digital investment services. #fintech #wealthtech #bettertogether— Currencycloud (@Currencycloud) August 3, 2021

Multi-currency digital wallet linked to Mastercard

BnkPro will allow users to set up a multi-currency digital wallet that will be linked to a debit card provided by Mastercard. This will enable users to conduct payments and send money overseas via FxPro's cross-border payment corridors, using their multi-currency accounts.

Besides, customers will be able to send, receive and store their money in various currencies, trade and invest in securities and other assets.

Currencycloud's contribution here

The Currencycloud Spark solution will enable the new FxPro service to largely expand its geographic coverage and connect it to new local and transnational payment corridors that will allow its clients to seamlessly work with their funds using multiple currencies.

FxPro Group CEO Charalambos Psimolophitis stated that Currencycloud will help his company to achieve its goals and help BnkPro to become a leader in the market of online payments and money transfers.

Visa intends to acquire Currencycloud

As reported by U.Today earlier, two weeks ago, international payments giant and card emitter Visa announced that it intends to purchase Currencycloud.

This RippleNet member operates in more than 500 countries and works with over 180 financial institutions and banks.

Visa evaluates the company at a whopping $962,780,000. By acquiring it, Visa plans to enlarge its list of partners, customers and payment rails globally.