Orbs DeFi Tweets Dashboard Allows You To Receive Real-Time Data On Crypto Twitter

Orbs DeFi Tweets Dashboard Allows You To Receive Real-Time Data On Crypto Twitter

Defi.org, together with Orbs, has released a DeFi Twitter Trends Dashboard! The tool allows crypto enthusiasts to aggregate data from the most popular hashtags, cashtags, accounts and URLs.

It is not always easy to follow a rapidly moving and growing DeFi infrastructure. Trends and projects are changing a couple of times per day, and that is why you need a solution that will help you follow them all. DeFi Twitter Trends removes the useless noise and shows you the most important content on the platform that you should keep your eyes on.

The dashboard itself showcases the trending tags on Twitter. Below the tag section, you can see the most popular trending hashtags and cashtags, account and URLs.

The platform also includes additional features like three different dashboard filter options, hot trend signals and different backgrounds that users can always change.

You are also able to track only reliable sources of information and filter your dashboard to see only verified and influential Twitter accounts that have the most impact on the industry. The "VIP" accounts include lists that have been created by the team and include Twitter's DeFi elite.

Orbs is a public blockchain infrastructure that has been created for the mass usage of the applications and integration with such popular EVM-based L1s as Ethereum and Binance SmartChain.

DeFi.org is an accelerator that was created with one goal only: the development and support of open-source software. Accelerator looks for projects that follow distribution, community ownership, innovation and a responsible approach to risk and economics.