Bitcoin Drops Significantly As The Bullish Rally Gradually Ends

Bitcoin Drops Significantly As The Bullish Rally Gradually Ends

Bitcoin recently lost 5% of its recent price. Many experts speculate that this drop might be due to the U.S. infrastructure bill.

The ending of last month – July 2021 was a bit favorable for Bitcoin Price. However, it seems the rally is now declining as most investors are afraid of the Bill. The price surged to $42,400 a few days back but did not drop to $39,667.19.

Many experts, including Maple Finance Daniel, believe that this drop might be because many people are still uncertain about the Infrastructure bill.

The Bill Causes Bitcoin To Fall Below $40k Mark

The first version of the Infrastructure Bill concentrated on outlining the requirements and widening the scope of the word “broker.” This was to clarify investors, decentralized exchanges, and others who may transact with crypto.

According to Kim, the first reaction to this Bill was uncertainty, fear, and doubts. As a result, many exchanges started to remove their funds from thereby and automatically reduce liquidity. With such a situation, the price of crypto dipped low.

Last month, the FTX’s BTC reserve increased while the Binance Bitcoin reserve lowered by 70,000. Kim observes that this fluctuation also contributes to the panic in the community. Before all these issues, Bitcoin has pushed its resistance close to $42,000.

Even the coin maintained a “ten-day winning streak” on Sunday, August 1st, the longest for 8 years. But, unfortunately, that same evening, the price fell by 5.5% within a 24 hours range.

A Brief On The Bill

For now, the Bill is still in debate in the U.S. Senate. The aim is to increase tax receipts to fund a one trillion dollars infrastructure set to improve the country. However, the Senate is planning to raise $28 billion from crypto transactions.

Since the Bill emerged, many people in the crypto community have voiced their displeasure about it. Some people are even saying that the bill might cut across every activity related to crypto in the industry.

However, last Sunday, another version of the bill emerged with a narrower definition of what broker means to all those who provide assets transfers.

But in this upgraded version, there is no direct mention of decentralized exchanges. But, there is no direct exclusion of software developers, miners, node operators, or others.

Meanwhile, the Options market has taken reaction to the recent Bill. Before now, Bitcoin has been gaining a bit since July. Also, listed option on prominent exchanges has been recording a lot of buying interests.

But this news has pushed many cryptocurrencies down, including Link, Theta, and even XRP.