DOOR grows by 70,000 members in less than 72 hours with launch of Global Referral Network

DOOR grows by 70,000 members in less than 72 hours with launch of Global Referral Network

DOOR launches what is aimed to be the largest referral network focused on building a decentralized ad network and gets 70,000 registrations in over 50 countries in 3 days.

DOOR has created a referral network aimed at promoting its mission to establish the world’s first decentralized ad network for connecting consumers with advertisers directly. Using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, DOOR rewards consumers for opting into their program with rewards for their clicks.

Over 70,000 people have registered to take part in DOOR’s referral program since it launched on July 24th. The network is expected to be the largest cryptocurrency referral network online. Participants were invited to join by adding their Ethereum Wallet address and email address at The goal of the referral campaign is to build a diverse and strong DOOR community by attracting crypto enthusiasts and experts.

“Everyone knows how important it is to have an active community”, says David Daly, co-founder of DOOR. “Our approach to building a community through referrals is exactly in line with the mission of DOOR. We reward everyone for their actions. Whether it’s a click or referring a friend – DOOR was built to incentivize people to join and use our platform to earn DOOR Coin.”

As part of DOOR’s ongoing commitment to leverage and expand the DOOR Referral Network, it has announced plans to launch additional campaigns. These campaigns are designed to increase consumer awareness on social media and grow the community of consumers that wish to be rewarded for their clicks. A Telegram group hosted by DOOR has grown 400% in three weeks through this program, and the founders host AMAs regularly and are accessible every day through Telegram.

“Our vision is to grow our referral network to over 1,000,000 people by the end of the year. The fact we were able to almost reach 100,000 members in a few days proves there is high demand to be part of a token that has true utility and purpose. What is exciting to me is that there are people in our referral network that live in Australia, Netherlands, South Korea, Brazil and so many other countries that understand our mission.” states David Jemal, moderator of Door Coin Telegram.

A new category for businesses using cryptocurrency was defined with the launch of DOOR on July 4th, 2021. At the time of writing, DOOR is currently trading on Uniswap at $0.70.


DOOR rewards consumers every time they click. Leveraging Blockchain technology, Door removes the middleman and enables a direct connection between consumers and businesses through their decentralized ad network.

DOOR currently rewards any homeowner in the United States if they register their property on and opt into the platform. Currently, the advertisers on the platform include home service providers and home-related products, but there are plans to expand into other services and products categories later this year.

DOOR can be found on under the name DOOR. The details of the Ethereum Contract can be viewed on

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