Secret Network Adds Private Governance to Its DeFi Project

Secret Network Adds Private Governance to Its DeFi Project

The privacy-oriented Secret Network is launching private on-chain governance for SecretSwap, its automated market maker.

SecretSwap works similarly to Uniswap or SushiSwap but also has privacy benefits, including front-running resistance. The launch of the governance tool means that holders of SecretSwap’s SEFI token can vote in a system that is private by default.

In a blog post announcing the launch, the community said this would help “secure the integrity and sovereignty of SecretSwap’s decentralized governance.”

SecretSwap, a relatively new entrant to the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), has seen over $275 million in all-time volume, according to data site Secret Analytics.

“Data privacy is critical to the security and usability of DeFi,” Tor Bair, the Secret Foundation’s executive director and chairman, said in a direct message. “SecretSwap solves universal DeFi issues like front-running while giving users access to multi-chain assets and privacy by default.”

The move continues a build-out of the Secret Network’s suite of applications and ecosystem, as well as providing an alternative to more public DeFi platforms.

How this will play out in practice remains to be seen, as public DeFi projects – and democratic processes writ large – generally tout transparent votes.

Bair added that some of the challenges to bringing the project to launch included ensuring that voting mechanisms were protected against offline attacks, that individual votes were protected while still reported in aggregate and that all of this worked seamlessly with the existing trading user experience.

“This launch of SEFI governance fulfills the initial promise of the SEFI governance token and strengthens community ownership over SecretSwap and the future growth of Secret DeFi – a multichain, front running resistant, privacy-centric DeFi ecosystem that puts users first,” said Bair.