$HZN Genesis Launched on 23rd July 2021 – APY of More Than 1000%

$HZN Genesis Launched on 23rd July 2021 – APY of More Than 1000%

What is Horizon Genesis?

Horizon Genesis is a revolutionary new system that provides backing for Horizon Protocol and its assets. The HZN system offers the perfect solution because it extends mainstream DeFi into creating on-chain synthetic assets instead of just providing liquidity in existing ones like many other platforms do. This allows you to take advantage not only from high-demand cryptos but also investments such as stocks, bonds, and even real estate with one token!

What should you expect with its launch?

There is Horizon Protocol’s Inflation policy outlined here for you to look through, rewarding users for providing HZN as collateral on Horizon Genesis. The circulating supply of HZN presently is approximately 34.6 million, with about 61.7 million currently locked away in the community and ecosystem fund and an APY of more than 1000%. The Liquidity pools for HZN are Horizon Staker and HZN-BNB LP pool on Pancake Swap. The current APY for HZN-BNB on Pancakeswap is ~70% while the HZN-BNB LP pool on Horizon Staker is at ~126%.

You can read up on some of the features that Horizon Genesis has for you here. You will learn more about how to connect your BSC Testnet via Metamask or Binance Wallet.

Horizon Protocol documentation provides the information you need to begin benefiting from Horizon Genesis. Any further questions or suggestions can be made in their Telegram where they facilitate a community centric crypto project with complete community governance planned in the future when the project is more mature.

What are the developments for Horizon Genesis?

Horizon Protocol has been working tirelessly to ensure that Horizon Genesis is up to speed as it delivers on its end of the bargain. The updates for Horizon Genesis includes:

  • Smart Contract Updates: These Smart Contract updates have enabled Horizon protocol to add new features to the projects and fix bugs encountered during the testing phase.
  • Oracle Integrations and Testing: Horizon Genesis has ensured that it tests the HZN inflation and distribution mechanism. The front-end mainnet integrations and functions have also been tested. Preliminary Oracle integration, testing, and extended functionality will be tested during Horizon Genesis.
  • Active Partnership with Phoenix Global using Phoenix Oracle: The proprietary Oracle provides the HZN price feed with security mechanisms against malicious price feed manipulation. The strategic partnership seeks to use Horizon Genesis as a mainnet test platform to expand into unique price feeds in the future.
  • Updates on the User Interface and front-end: Users are also guaranteed a more relaxing experience. They get to navigate through the Interface easily with no qualms. The new interface also has some features that improve users’ quality of life, thereby managing the user’s c-ratio.
  • What developments ensure a smoother user experience on Horizon Genesis?

    A System Manager for tracking user c-ratios and liquidations

  • An automated mechanism to manage weekly inflation minting and distribution
  • An automated mechanism to manage weekly reward period closings and distributions
  • Global debt snapshot management and price feed changes are managed by an automated system
  • A tracking mechanism to safeguard users’ c-ratios from price attacks or volatile price swings
  • Final tests prior to the launch concluded successfully:

  • All systems mentioned above work as they should.
  • HZN inflation and distribution mechanisms are functional. These front-end integrations with other blockchains will be tested to ensure a seamless transition from one chain onto another network-compatible blockchain protocol.
  • What happened as the launch of Horizon Genesis approached?

    Horizon Protocol intends to take the launch of Horizon Genesis to the next level. This launch will mark the beginning of HZN’s marketing campaign. The Marketing Campaigns include:

  • Media partnership: HZN has organized partnerships with crypto media outlets with a lot of traffic on their sites and plans to reach out to more of these bodies.
  • Content Creation: HZN has been preparing a push of content across different platforms. These contents range from Articles, Videos, and Infographic. The platforms are Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Medium, Tumblr, and Reddit.
  • Conclusion

    Horizon Genesis will be a complete success story from the strategy that Horizon Protocol has put in place.Get your HZN ready and join the Horizon Genesis train!

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