DOOR Launches First Decentralized Ad Network in a Big Way

DOOR Launches First Decentralized Ad Network in a Big Way

DOOR rewards over $500,000 in DOOR Coin to launch an app that connects Consumers directly with Advertisers and disrupt a 500B online ad market.

DOOR has launched its decentralized app that connects consumers who are looking for specific products and services directly with Advertisers. Built using cryptocurrency, DOOR rewards consumers for opting into the program by paying them in DOOR Coin. DOOR Coin is currently available on the Uniswap Decentralized Exchange.

Since DOOR launched on July 4th, over $500,000 (700,000 DOOR Coin) of rewards have been paid to consumers who have joined the platform. The mission of DOOR is to bypass the middlemen of Big Ad Tech companies like Zillow, Home advisor, Facebook and others and allow businesses to pay consumers directly for the use of their data leveraging the Blockchain.

“We imagined a world where we remove the middleman that makes billions of dollars off consumer data and sells it to the highest bidder. With DOOR, consumers are paid for their data and businesses can connect directly with opt-in verified leads.”, states David Daly, co-founder of DOOR.

DOOR leverages blockchain technology and the Ethereum Network to build the first decentralized Ad Network. DOOR can be found on under the name DOOR. The details of the Ethereum Contract can be viewed on

“Today, many centralized ad networks have become monopolies that provide free products to consumers in exchange for harvesting and productizing consumer data and selling it to businesses. The common saying is ‘if the product is free, you are the product’. “ claims

DOOR currently rewards any home owner in the United States if they register their property on and opts into the platform. Currently, the advertisers on the platform include home service providers and products.

“Our goal is to change how consumers and businesses connect on the Internet. We believe there is no reason consumers need to go thru a centralized ad network or website that forces them to constantly share their data with no benefit. With DOOR they are not only rewarded, they are in control. The Internet was meant to be decentralized and we want to fix what is broken.” concludes David Daly.


DOOR rewards consumers every time advertisers access their data. Door removes the middleman and enables a direct connection between consumers and businesses through their decentralized ad network built using Blockchain technology.

DOOR Coin is currently trading at $0.75 and is up 3,650% since its launch on July 4, 2021. To learn more, visit the official website.


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