What Is the Most Robust Investment in a Bear Market? Mining!

What Is the Most Robust Investment in a Bear Market? Mining!

Bitcoin has plummeted by half since it reached a peak of $64,500 in April this year. Currently, its price stands at around 32,000, and other mainstream tokens have also dropped by 70% to 80%.

Judging from the overall trend, we can predict that Bitcoin is unlikely to go through a bull market in the near future, which means that bitcoin has in fact gone in a bear market trend. This is the fact. Expecting a bull market is nothing more than an illusion and bearish thinking is the basic operating logic. Therefore, it is critical to consider how to retain your principal and survive the bear market.

Bear markets are inevitable and there are mechanisms for people to make money through short. This choice, however, but for most people, is too risky, making the most secure investment undoubtedly mining.

There is a true saying of investment in the blockchain field – speculate in the bull market and mine in the bear market. It is a summary of the market and a reasonable strategy to circumvent the risk. The current market is the best time to engage in mining. The more sluggish the market is, the lower the cost of mining investment, which may enable higher returns in the forthcoming bull market.

DeFi mining was the most important dazzling star in the last bull market. It completely lighted up the whole cryptocurrency circle and DeFi’s masterpiece – liquidity mining, with its high yield, replaced traditional mining machine mining and became the first choice for each crypto investor.

In the current liquidity mining market, the initial minings of most leading DeFi projects are actually ending. Big whales have long time ago snapped up most liquidity, making the efficiency of mining now very low. It thus takes a long time before investors can reap benefits.

As a result, we can only look for new projects to receive benefits. Those projects with high yield and sustainability, such as Onion Mixer are undoubtedly the best choice.

Onion Mixer boasts three distinctive advantages:

  • High Yields
  • Onion Mixer was launched on June 24. After a month of stable operation, its liquidity mining yield remains at around 1000%. There are two trading pairs for mining:

    OMT/BUSD – 839% APY. If you invest 10,000U, you will earn 230U per day.

    OMT/BNB – 1056% APY. If you invest 10,000U, you will earn 292U per day.

    According to this rate of return, if you start mining now, you can recoup your costs in about 30 days at the earliest, and the tokens mined can also be staked in OMT staking pool to receive extra revenue. In other words, you can mine and enjoy dividends at the same time. The actual recoup time is shorter as you get a steady income every day.

    In addition, Onion Mixer will be officially deployed on PolyGon on July 21, which will usher in new opportunities for initial minings whose highest yield is over 50,000%. It is the best time to seize the timing and start mining before the OMT price skyrockets.

  • Low Price
  • The opening price of the OMT is 0.0006 USDT, and the latest market shows that the figure has more than doubled to 0.0016 USDT. Besides, the community has just approved the proposal of the OMT repurchase. Currently, the number of OMT repurchased has exceeded 100 million, with a total value of more than 130,000 USD. In future, Onion Mixer team will continue to repurchase OMT. By using the transaction fee for the repurchase, the team will manage to maintain the token price at a stable level, allowing Onion’s miners to mine with confidence.

    As there is limited OMT at the beginning of the project, it is the best time to participate in the mining and seize the wealth opportunity. All the tokens mined are of low price, bringing you higher revenues.

    Although the OMT token price fell in this bear market, this drop is also a great opportunity to enter the market. Among all DeFi projects, Onion Mixer is one of the few that boasts practical value and a promising future. Its specialization–the field of private transactions once received high compliments from blockchain vanguards, such as the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein, and amongst others. Onion Mixer is the privacy infrastructure of the entire DeFi ecology. It is only the early stage of the development, and as it matures, the value of OMT will undoubtedly increase.

    Investors don’t have to worry about the future of OMT at all. You just need to choose to trust the insights from those blockchain experts, focus on the long-term value. In the bear market, mining is the most robust and rewarding long-term investment method.

  • Unique mechanisms
  • Onion Mixer adopts a penalty mechanism similar to the “PIG model” which function as a tokenomics of “perpetual motion by innovatively using its transaction fees. In Onion’s tokenomics, there is a Vault staking pool, which is the faith fund pool for loyal OMT holders. To be more specific, when withdrawing tokens, users need to pay a 10% transaction fee, which is a penalty. Of the fees charged, 40% will be distributed to other users who continue to hold OMT in the bonus pool.

    As opposed to high transaction fees for withdrawals, users who continuously hold OMT tokens in the Vault will be rewarded with dividends. Therefore, users are motivated to hold their tokens and stake their assets in Vault, which to an extent solves the “farming and dumping” issue and reduces the OMT sales from unfaithful miners. In this way, it also pushes up OMT prices.

    In addition, 40% of the penalty fee will be injected to the OMT transaction pool to realize the self-growth of OMT liquidity, and 20% will be directly burned. In this way, the number of OMT will keep on decreasing, thereby pushing up OMT’s price.

    Volatility in the blockchain is more than common and Onion Mixer will protect you to go through this bear market while bringing you enormous wealth in a bullish market. Joining the market when the OMT token price is still low enables you to receive much higher benefits from the imminent price increase, compared to latecomers.

    In the blockchain, only a few people can make money through speculations, and for most people, there is only one way to make more money. That is mining. Through purely mining, you can increase your assets and trade time for wealth.

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