Iron Mike Tyson Asks His Followers If They Prefer Bitcoin Or Ethereum

Iron Mike Tyson Asks His Followers If They Prefer Bitcoin Or Ethereum

This weekend saw Mike Tyson ask his 5.6 million Twitter followers whether they prefer Bitcoin or Ethereum.

So far, the tweet has garnered 12.5k comments, 4.3k retweets, and 25.5k likes. Although these are significant figures in their own right, rather interestingly, they are much higher than his standard tweets.

Which do you prefer, BTC or ETH?— Mike Tyson (@MikeTyson) July 17, 2021

Tyson recently also signaled his interest in NFTs, making it clear that he intends to make waves in the cryptocurrency space.

Tyson Promotes His NFTs

Tyson is not known as a tech enthusiast, least of all a crypto advocate. But in recent times, he has reinvented himself as an entertainer, and to some extent, some would say, philosopher.

Now, as blockchain technology increasingly becomes part of the spirit of the digital age, Tyson is trying his hand at cryptocurrency.

This month, Tyson announced he’s working in collaboration with 1ofOne for an exclusive NFT drop.

“1ofOne, the newest, most efficient full-service creative agency in the NFT space, is proud to announce their launch today. 1ofOne will be the exclusive NFT studio to develop the first official series of Mike Tyson NFT’s.“

The 1ofOne platform burst onto the scene in May, gaining traction due to the backing of Quincy Jones. Through his connections, 1ofOne has secured the services of numerous A-listers, including Doja Cat and John Legend.

This agency is looking to disrupt the NFT space by reforming the fan experience and running on the greener (than Ethereum) proof-of-stake Tezos platform to mint and issue NFTs.


So far, details surrounding Tyson’s NFT collection are thin on the ground. However, in a break with expectation, Tyson posted a picture of what appears to be a cartoon cat wearing shades and a Viking-style helmet. He also changed his Twitter profile pic to this same image.

Unfortunately, there was no accompanying text to explain the relevance of this character. But could it be a teaser of Tyson’s up-and-coming NFT drop?

What’s Tyson’s Choice, Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Several crypto heavyweights responded to Tyson’s question on whether they prefer Bitcoin or Ethereum.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor was the top reply due to the popularity of his tweet. Saylor said he, too, had spent considerable time pondering this question. Rather unsurprisingly, he gave Bitcoin his resounding endorsement because he thinks it’s the future of digital property.

“Mike, I spent more than a thousand hours considering this question and chose bitcoin. So far, I have purchased $2.9 billion in BTC because I think it’s the future of digital property. I have posted tons of free #bitcoin education on”

Another user said Bitcoin falls short when it comes to having a valid use case. For this reason, he prefers Ethereum.

However, of greater interest is which Tyson prefers.