A New Way To Laugh: The First-Ever NFT Comedy Event

A New Way To Laugh: The First-Ever NFT Comedy Event

New NFT projects have been shaking up the worlds of collectables, fandom, content, and much more throughout the past year. While the road ahead is far from clear when it comes to content and fan engagement in particular, there is clear opportunity and advantages for creatives and artists big and small to engage in this new space.

Despite Bitcoin’s stagnant movement in recent months, the team at DappRadar noted in a report last week that NFT marketplaces are continuing to see new users. NFTs blend together a unique form of ownership, engaging content consumers as stakeholders, and empowering creatives to be rewarded in a way never seen before for artists across nearly all mediums.

Later this month, we’ll see some of these core components at work for the first-ever NFT comedy event, “Non-Fungible Jokin'”.

Non-Fungible Jokin’

The live taping of Non-Fungible Jokin’ will take place at intimate LA comedy venue, Dynasty Typewriter, on July 30th and 31st. The venue has quickly become a staple in LA comedy, described as “LA’s comedy clubhouse” in The New York Times, and the best alt-comedy venue in the city by LA Weekly.

The first show includes a star-studded lineup including Adam Ray, Ian Edwards, and Brooks Wheelan, with Moses Storm as host. Preluding the lineup is a 1-on-1 conversation with the highly-respected comedians Maria Bamford and Beth Stelling. Maria Bamford played the lead role in Netflix’s “Lady Dynamite”, an original series based on her life – and her web series, “The Maria Bamford Show”, has been featured at MOMA NY. Beth Stelling also carries an exceptional set of comedy accolades, including a one-hour HBO Max special, “Girl Daddy”.

Moses Storm returns as host for the second show in another stacked lineup featuring Pete Holmes, Chaunte Wayans, Beth Stelling, and Zainab Johnson. Holmes has written and starred on a variety of shows on major networks. Chaunte Wayans continues to polish her already well-established resume after appearing on Netflix stand-up special “They Ready”, including the live stream of her own ‘House Arrest Comedy Club’ each month. And Zainab Johnson has been named on Variety’s “Top 10 Comics To Watch” in recent years.

Safe to say that there is no shortage of comedic talent in this two-day lineup.

Setting The Stage: A New Way To Consume Content

Event execution is supported by Jambb, a new NFT marketplace focused on comedy and entertainment. Jambb will be host to the purchasable NFT assets for the event. Moonbeam Network companion, Moonriver, which will run on the Polkadot protocol, will be host for the NFTs once initially sold.

Our team at Bitcoinist spoke briefly with event producer Brandon Henderson about the one-of-a-kind premiere. Henderson shared that the entire event will be packaged as a one-of-one NFT, but that individual clips for each comedian would likely be minted as well. A creator-first mentality was top of mind for Henderson and team; unlike many entertainment industry machines, where artists receive final percentages after substantial expenses, Non-Fungible Jokin’ will work differently. “All artists make a percentage of gross profits,” Henderson stated – adding that even the production team will receive a share for their work. Henderson also emphasized the importance of working on a project that “generates increasing value for artists” as time goes on, a mechanism unique to NFTs that is rarely, if ever, seen in the entertainment business.

Tickets for the event, along with more information about the show and the featured comedians can be found on the Non-Fungible Jokin’ webpage.

You can find more about the latest action in NFTs with our weekly rundown, NFTs In A Nutshell, posted on Bitcoinist every Saturday.


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