360Wellness Is Tokenizing the Health and Wellness Industry.

360Wellness Is Tokenizing the Health and Wellness Industry.

360Wellness, a decentralized health and wellness marketplace, is enabling its users to earn crypto as rewards to stay fit and healthy

360Wellness is the parent company of DEFIT Token; they have developed a blockchain-based mobile application that links people with health and wellness specialists in order to enhance their health. DEFIT Token is utilized as a reward to encourage consumers to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. The DEFIT Token, which was generated using blockchain technology, has real-world value and can be spent and utilized for transactions within the app.

The incorporation of live online fitness classes is one of the amazing benefits of the DEFIT Token ecosystem. In an interview with allinonecrypto, Kevin Serou, CEO of 360Wellness mentioned that the team “are planning on integrating live online fitness classes to the 360Wellness ecosystem”.

According to official sources, 360Wellness is rewarding users to participate in various challenges and achieve specific objectives. 360Wellness is promoting adoption through the use of customer loyalty benefits.

360Wellness users are also rewarded for referring friends and family members who are looking to stay active and healthy.

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$DEFIT aspires to be a secure, reliable, and valid digital currency for its online fitness community. Users will be able to utilize DEFIT incentives earned within the 360Wellness app in real-world transactions, enabling the interoperability of blockchain technology and traditional ecosystems, all while promoting better health and fitness standards for the world.