Get a Load of This: Wicked Cranium’s NFTs have Crossed $8 million in Sales

Get a Load of This: Wicked Cranium’s NFTs have Crossed $8 million in Sales

The non-fungible token industry is firing on all cylinders thanks to innovative projects. The number of sales is skyrocketing week over week, and new ventures pop up regularly. Wicked Cranium is a relatively new project, but one that seemingly has tremendous potential for the future.

NFT Sales Continue To Boom

All across the non-fungible token landscape are projects that are successful to some degree. However, some fare much better than others, which will not come as too much of a surprise. It is custom in any financial setting to see some players gain more success than others for various reasons. With NFTs, some projects surpass others in average and total sale volume, yet they still face steep competition.

Most people are familiar with noteworthy projects, including CryptoPunks, Beeple’s creations, and the Bored Ape Club. Beeple is perhaps the “biggest” name on the list, as his sales and activities tend to generate mainstream media headlines. However, for other projects in this industry, that is a lot more difficult. Not everyone has the luxury of selling a digital artwork for $69 million before exploring new horizons, after all.

Even so, a project like CryptoPunks is very successful in its regard. With nearly $14 million in weekly volume and close to $390 million in total volume, the project beats the competition hands down. However, other ventures, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, gain momentum. Its OpenSea marketplace confirms nearly 30,000 ETH in volume to date, equal to roughly $60 million across 4.700 NFT owners.

What Is Wicked Cranium About?

Despite the number of established projects in this space, there is always room for competition. Wicked Cranium is one of the newer projects that generate a lot of interest and equal sales volume. With over $8.25 million in sales to date, the NFT-based digital art project keeps turning heads. It is crucial to bring art to the digital world without reducing the value, rarity, and exclusive features the Wicked Cranium venture offers. The team wants to distribute rare art globally by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

A Cranium:

Hey my fellow WC community members. 🙏🥳🤙😀 Super excited for this project. We are Stronger Together!! @WickedCraniums #SkullsBackSkulls #skullgang #NFTCommunity— LiveLoveLife (@Naughtybrites) July 15, 2021

As each artwork is different under the Wicked Cranium banner, there are 10,762 pieces of art to look into. For those unaware, the number 10,762 corresponds to the number of Craniums belonging to the island of Osseous. Craniums have over 180 differentiable features. An extra benefit is how each Cranium grants access to The Cradle, a members-only social platform.

Despite there being over 10,762 different art pieces, they all sold out within 30 minutes. Every Cranium was sold for 0.06 ETH, allowing the project to raise $1.4 million initially. Today, some of these Craniums sell for 10 ETH or more. That price difference is fueled primarily by their unique nature, differentiation, and access to The Cradle. The social platform empowers users to connect and interact with others. Moreover, every Cranium can share an introduction, social media handles, and an image. Those images will be dank primarily.

Yes. I'm a member! 😎💀#NFT #NFTCommunity #nftcollector #WickedCranium— Ξlaine Rønningsbakken💀 (@ronningsbakken) July 13, 2021

One of the significant achievements for Wicked Cranium has been a recent trade of a Cranium involving Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows. The trade involved his “The Dark Knight” signature guitar in return for a Cranium, “Trippy Saint” NFT. Again, it shows the appeal these rare artworks have, as they tug on people’s heartstrings from all strides of life.

Synyster Gates:

I ended up accepting the most insane NFT for physical trade of my career. Matt from @TheOfficialA7X reached out to acquire the @WickedCraniums Trippy Saint for Synyster Gates. I traded him the saint for his dark knight signature guitar and some ETH🤯— DeeZe (@DeezeFi) July 9, 2021

Closing Thoughts

There is a lot to like about non-fungible tokens, primarily when they involve unique artworks. Even though over 10,000 artworks may seem like a lot, the initial interest shows many people kept tabs on Wicked Cranium and its launch. New projects need to keep the NFT momentum going to make this industry more appealing to outsiders.


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