Stock-To-Flow Market Signals A Great Time To Buy Bitcoin, Says Lex Moskovski

Stock-To-Flow Market Signals A Great Time To Buy Bitcoin, Says Lex Moskovski

Bitcoin “A great buying opportunity,” says Lex Moskovski, investment director of Moskovski Capital. His tweet indicates the stock-to-flow model marking a historic moment in the twelve years of the digital coin’s life.

Moskovki’s tweet signals a profitable future for investors, as the data show bitcoin has never been as low as where stock-to-flow forecasts should be.

By this, BTC has never been as deep down the target price as it is at present, as the stock-to-flow model shown on Twitter by the investment director indicates.

The new trading mark this week for Bitcoin sits at a record 59%. It has not ever gone this far below. The likes of Moskovki have tipped this as “A great buying opportunity,” isn’t it?

Lex Moskovski-An Expert In The Industry

Following the development, the director pointed out on July 10. Using his 3.2k Twitter followers handle to disseminate the ‘positive’ signal, said to be historic. It is happening for the first time in twelve-year Bitcoin’s life.

Lex Moskovski is an expert Internet entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience. Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of numerous successful social media.

He has always been actively highlighting trends emerging from the industry.

Why the crypto market’s woes recently deepened further with Bitcoin’s price falling below $40,000 for the first time since February, he was quick to point out on his social media platform to charts suggesting that, on average, most investors are now selling at a Loss.

In an earlier tweet to that, he said that 22,917 BTC were deposited to exchanges in a single hourly period — a sign people were preparing to offload.

Bitcoin, A Great shopping

As the BTC/USD shows little sign of a real bull recovery. The pair refrain further and further away from the exchange rate that the stock-to-flow exchange rate model should have calculated.

Stock-to-flow is, without doubt, one of the most popular of the Bitcoin predictors and has always taken a close observance of BTC’s exchange rate trends with historically startling precision, taking all anomalies into account to remain valid.

Nonetheless, the report posits that the current movement similarly gives way to stock-to-flow, and from this moment, the target price has never been so far from reality.

Here comes the time for people to invest their money in this industry. Again, a great buying opportunity for those who are a believer in this model, Moskovski noted.

According to him, the unfavorable-looking Stock-To-Flow discrepancy “is the highest ever in all of Bitcoin’s history.”