Polygon co-founder bet against Cardano’s smart contract compatibility

Polygon co-founder bet against Cardano’s smart contract compatibility

Polygon co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal has retweeted Polymarket, betting money against Cardano to enter smart contracts before 1st October. Nailwal bet an additional $20K on top of Polymarket’s $50K bet.

I am also willing to top it up by $20k in support of @PolymarketHQ that @cardano is NGMI, YET AGAIN 😄 https://t.co/CA3aT5RMq5— Sandeep – Polygon(prev Matic Network) (@sandeepnailwal) July 16, 2021

Cardano has recently transitioned towards smart contract integration with Alonzo Hardfork, which has been scheduled to go live by August according to the Cardano foundation. However, Polygon, an ETH scaling solution that is already smart contract compatible has started a Twitter war against Cardano’s late entry to the smart contract’s arena.

Cardano claims that the hard fork integration will make it a competitor against the likes of Ethereum, Solana, and Polkadot smart contracts. Cardano Foundation’s Alonzo white Hardfork success followed its earlier launched five-year plan, which had announced the aims and aspirations of the network in the foreseeable future.

The success of Alonzo White hard fork

The Alonzo White hard fork is the first stage of the integration that will enable Cardano’s smart contracts. Cardano also revealed members of ProjectCatalyst and more Plutus partners shall join the network. The network also stated that they will continue to monitor the new network over the next 24 hours, meanwhile doing further QA work on the node.

“As well as our core SPO group, we’re now joined by members of the ProjectCatalyst crew and more Plutus partners. Plus a few more Pioneers to move us forward before opening up further…We’ll monitor the new network closely over the next 24 hours while continuing to do further QA work on the node tonight. We’ll then review any feedback/results tomorrow and start addressing any required fixes. We expect several updates as we add features to Alonzo White.”, Cardano mentioned in the Twitter thread.

Bets are against Alonzo Blue’s success

Alonzo White’s hard fork succeeds Alonzo Blue, and the third stage of Alonzo Hardfork is expected to go public with Alonzo Purple, which will lead to the major transition into smart contracts. According to the Cardano Foundation, Alonzo Purple’s hard fork is scheduled to go live in August.

Recently, the Alonzo hard fork team at Cardano had shared hurdles in the now successful transitioning from Alonzo Blue to White.

Cardano has been at the receiving end of a lot of trolling owing to its promise to make the network an ETH competitor. However, the prolonged transition phase and continues delays have made it a target of online trolls.