Woo Hah!! Busta Rhymes Checks In On Crypto, Eyes Dogecoin

Woo Hah!! Busta Rhymes Checks In On Crypto, Eyes Dogecoin

The one and only Busta Rhymes joins the ever-growing community of hip hop artists interested in cryptocurrencies. Even though his interest is exploratory so far, the light a star of his caliber can shine over the crypto industry cannot be denied. A person like Busta Rhymes has cultivated an audience over the last few decades and some of them may fall on the crypto rabbit-hole. Of course, his popularity might also come with a few inconveniences attached…

This was Busta Rhyme ’s original tweet:

Anyone here into #crypto? How ya’ll feeling about ?— Busta Rhymes (@BustaRhymes) July 14, 2021

Click on it and you’ll see, every new token and cryptocurrency project under the sun answered with their best sales pitch. It’s overwhelming even for us, who live and breathe crypto. Imagine what it might do to a rookie. Where does Busta Rhymes start? How does he distinguish the good from the bad? Who’s going to teach him about Bitcoin?

Luckily, Busta Rhymes saw the humor in the situation.

I feel like I’m in grammar school with these crypto names. SHIBA? FEG ? DOGE? What’s next !? Pussy ? 🤣 yyooo. Someone tell me something.., HELP!?— Busta Rhymes (@BustaRhymes) July 15, 2021

That’s right, Busta Rhymes only remembered the meme-coins. Another example of the power of the meme.

Busta Rhymes Pays Attention To Market Fluctuations

The rapper’s first experience watching the price charts wasn’t a pleasant one:

Glad I didn’t listen to ya’ll go buy into anything yesterday. These prices are going down…. 👀 #crypto what are you doing !??— Busta Rhymes (@BustaRhymes) July 15, 2021

Again, hundreds of projects tried to get Busta Rhymes ‘s attention. Where does a person start? How does a rapper find his way through this ever-growing maze? Did Busta make a mistake asking the open market about cryptocurrencies? Should he change strategies? Who could help this man?

Someone said @elonmusk controls the pricing and for me to tell Elon to talk about doge ? Wtf is that !?— Busta Rhymes (@BustaRhymes) July 15, 2021

Of course, the Dogemaster! So far, Elon Musk has not answered Busta Rhymes’ call. Not publicly, at least.

Cryptocurrency Friendly Rappers From The Recent Past

The list of rappers flirting with cryptocurrencies keeps growing. Their stories are as varied as their personalities.

  • Nas invested early in Coinbase and scored big when the company went public. In Dj Khaled’s “Sorry Not Sorry,” Nas declared himself, “I’m coin-based/ basically cryptocurrency Scarface.”
  • It was reported that 50 Cent pioneered receiving Bitcoin as payment for his “Animal Ambition” album and then forgot about it. When he checked, the lot was worth $8.5M. Later, he had to retract the report under penalty of perjury. Apparently, he changed the BTC into Fiat at the time. And didn’t contradict the press’ report because it painted him in a favorable light.
  • Soulja Boy made a song called “Bitcoin” in which he bragged about his crypto investments.
  • Eminem packaged an unreleased beat into an NFT. Then, Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald bought it and turned it into a song.
  • T.I. went one step further and created a token called FLiK. Later on, 25 investors sued him for convincing them, “to pour $1.3 million into the cryptocurrency, with a token price of six cents each.” That didn’t end well for the investors.
  • Now the question is, what will Busta Rhymes do? Will Elon guide him and teach him the basics? Or will he end up just buying DOGE?